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  1. Cardhu

    OME 927 948 JBA UCA and Tires Manitoba CAN

    Items remaining 0506 6053 AA Front Pinion Seal Dana 30A $15 0506 6066 AA Front Side Axle Seal Dana 30A x2 $15 Per Used intermediate shaft in like new condition $50 Rear Drive shaft includes slip yoke and flange yoke Tires Rims - sold boboborino JBA 4.5 UCA - sold Pol Terraflex front...
  2. Cardhu

    Water pump replacement

    First things first. New noise started the other day, Initially throught was AC compressor clutch. Checked pulley and swaped out the new tensioner for the old one I removed less then year ago, noise persists. Checked water pump and theirs a less then ideal amount of play in that. Found...
  3. Cardhu

    Rear UCA part #

    So the part i found is 52088901AD-M for heavy duty only part supplier with the -M is Morris rock auto has Mopar listed without the M. as does 2007 Jeep Liberty Parts like 52088901AD If its mopar and not cheapo is there a difference?
  4. Cardhu

    Power steering HP hose O rings

    Pulled my old leaking line the other day and getting ready to install the new hose i had made. The old fitting at the rack did not have an o ring. Is there one supposed to be installed? It did have one at the pump side but nothing down bottom. Last change was at the dealer under...
  5. Cardhu

    Painting ARB bumper

    Bout ready to order a new arb bumper, The latest generation is now coming powder coated millennium grey with no black available through arb canada. Anybody rattle can one yet? Debating rustoleum hi performance enamel gloss black for sake of easy touch ups as opposed to a cheaper bedliner...
  6. Cardhu

    4.56 gears, 245 75 16's

    Anybody run the SIFS steel diff with 4.56 and not 32's or larger? Any expectation of rpms at 65ish with 245 75 16's , worse millage then 245 75 16 on 3.73's? Just for my own clarity, is the steel diff a dana 30 LP and not a dana 30A? I think thats what i got out of 20 pages of posts...
  7. Cardhu

    Winter tires 235 70 16

    Nokian Hakkapelitta 235 70 16 Winter tires Set of 4. Directional tread. 8/32 of tread. ~50% tread remaining Used 4 winters approximately 35000 KM. Great in snow. Can deliver to Winnipeg, MB Nov 14 PM or Nov 15 AM. Will cut a deal for cheaper if its a forum member. Pics are larger on the...
  8. Cardhu

    LBJ part number for 2007 KJ

    Was looking to order Rear upper iso and serpentine belt to save on brokerage and shipping and thought about getting LBJ. Was looking on Rock auto for Lower BJ and the Moog part number for 2007 is different then previous models. for 02 to 05 MOOG Part # K3199 06-07 MOOG Part # K80767...
  9. Cardhu

    Mamba MR-1

    Been trying to do some maths with The Mamba MR-1 and the moabs. Basically trying to learn from anybody elses mistakes. I'm partial to the gunmetal looking ones. Both are 8 inch wide but I can't seem to find confirmed backspacing on the Moabs and corresponding offset. Chart on offset and...
  10. Cardhu

    17x7 inch chrome option, Who has these as what have you done to them?

    Jeep came with 17 x 7 (plastic?) jeep chrome wheels in 07, 235 65 17. Haven't seen anybody with same rims on here but I could have missed it. Looking for anybody thats tried painting, refinishing, and it actually looks good / stayed looking good. I'd even settle for they look great till i...
  11. Cardhu

    Lift goes on Saturday

    Lift arrived. JBA 4.5, ome 927, 948 Bilsteins, 1/4" JBA plate, F/R bumpstops. Though I'm short rear shocks (Bilstein A702) as the second UPS box got lost. Questions 1. What size is the castle nut on JBA 4.5 Arms that attaches to the ball joint. Ran out of my socket as I don't have any...
  12. Cardhu

    Pre Install - F / R leveling

    From what i've read in numerous posts regarding the standard 927 948 set up, I've got one question about the strut spacer plate from JBA. From what i've read so far, using 1/4 inch strut spacer from JBA with a touch of clevis...

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