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    Yj tube bunper, sliders, stores

    Located in lancaster ohio Front tube bumper and bolt on rub rails $200 Also have 4 like new 225 75 15 Stampede tires on jeep wheels. Have matching 5th wheel with 215 75 15 wrangler with about 50% tread $150 [IMG]
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    This is a pretty old build. But thought id toss a few pics up. Started in 02. Sold it "uncompleted" in late 05. bought it back in worst shape than it was when I sold it in july of 12. Now I'm working on getting it fixed up. Current setup: 85 chevette body chevy luv/homemade frame...
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    yj/xj/mj LIFTED posi lok system

    Brand new still in the box. This is for LIFTED yj,xj, and mj's. "Replace your old fading vacuum shift motor with the rugged 4x4 Posi-Lok. The 4x4 Posi-Lok is a driver operated manual cable system that replaces the failure prone vacuum engagement system." Retail on this is $229...
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    kj intermediate shaft and rack

    Got a used intermediate shaft from the front of a kj $15 plus shipping Also have a used rack, got it from the junkyard to get the inner and outter from the passangerside. $20 plus shipping. Or pick them up in roseville ohio.
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    2002 Jeep Liberty

    2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4 Sport. 3.7L v6 with auto transmission. 231J tcase 119500 miles. Vehicle was in an accident and laid onto its side, however it does have a CLEAR OHIO title. The Liberty has a pretty rough body to do the lay over but all doors shut, it now has all glass. I have ran it...
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    Trail beater liberty

    Getting fixed and put back into service :) Needs upper and lower control arms, inner/outte tres, spindle,caliper rotors and brake line to be "drivable" Found those parts for $100 at a local junkyard so it'll get put back to IFS for now, but I'm also picking up a d30 HP non disco, with...
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    1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4door

    1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4door 1.6L 16vavle Auto 4x4. 213,000+ miles. Smokes on start up sometimes. 2" spacer lift with new shocks and struts a few months ago. 235-75-15 snow tires. Body has alot of rust, alot of the rust has been very poorly repaired by the previous owner using fiberglass. It is...
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    5 on 5.5 bead lock wheels

    Set of four 5 on 5.5 ( half ton ford, cj, tracker,etc) rock crawler wheels with lost valley jeep weld on bead locks. Will toss in 5th wheel with no bead lock as-well. rings are powder coated black. 32 bolt rings, these rings are VERY thick, and are not going to bend very easily. Wheels...
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    2 NEW KJ inner tie rods

    Was going through my pile of parts and found these. Brand new inner tie rod ends for a Jeep Liberty. These are left over from a rack n pinion swap I did on my old/jeepdaddys new Liberty. $30 shipped for both of them
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    front axle

    Joined: Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:35 pm Posts: 228 Location: Roseville, Ohio Need a front cv shaft for a core... or a good used R side axle for an 07-09. (according to dealer pre 07's are differant???) Ive got one that cuasing some vib issues. I am selling the Liberty and told the buyer I would...
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    tcase differances

    So today my tcase with a mere 66,000 miles exploded, chain snapped and took just about everything else out. Seems no one at any dealership, or "jeep specialist" at quadratec, 4wheel parts, 4wdh, daveys jeeps other places knows jack about the Liberties/ My Liberty has a 231 I know 231's...
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    Pics of the new tires: FIERCE ATTITUDE MT

    I tried them without wheel spacers, andthey barely rub the front bumper when turning, but the Al's upper control arm is rubbing the sidewall all the time, its not real bad but its enough to be concerning so I went ahead and orders a set of spacers through work and theyll be getting put on...
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    FIVE 245/75/16 Mastercraft Courser M/T's

    Went bigger on the Liberty and I need to sell these to replace some fo the funds I spent on the 265's. I bought these in April of last year, they ahve around 15,000 miles on them and I have rotated all 5 every 3-4000 miles. and ive kept the jeep aligned. All 5 are worn evenly, one has a...
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    Five 33" Swampers

    I have FOUR 33-13.50-15 Swamper LTB's These tires are 98% tread and you can still faintly see SWAMPER in the lugs.The fifth is a well worn 33-12.50-15 tsl All tires are mounted and balanced ready to roll. This ad is for TIRES ONLY, no wheels are included. $550 Roseville Ohio
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    Cherokee 4.0 auto np242 tcase 33" tires 29spline 8.25 ect

    Jeep 4.0 engine auto trans 8.25 rear axle ect Parting my 1990 Cherokee. The body of this has 235,000 miles on it. I think the motor is a junkyard motor so it most likely has less but assume it has 235,000 on it. 4.0 and aw4 auto $100 complete minus alternator and starter, runs awesome...
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    90 cherokee, trail rig in ohio

    1990 xj with 4.0 auto and np242 tcase. Jeep has 230+ thousand miles on it but runs and shifts great. It has 4.5" front lift coils with adjustable upper control arms and fixed tubular lowers. Front axle is a high pinion non disconnect dana 30 with 297 u joints. Calipers, rotors, pads, and...
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    Petersons 4wheel and offroad, Ultimate Adventure 2009 photos

    I finally got the ok from the editors to share my photos and video since the magazine containing the info releases this month. Petersons brought the Adventure to my home turf this year and I was able to hual camera crew around in my cherokee and the wife in our Liberty all day, here are the...
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    Over 100 miles on the interstate between 60-70mph the entire time ( down to 45 on some hills but not many) Some cooling issues with the ac on but no other problems. Yes I have trailer brakes on BOTH axles. Used about 7.5 gallons of gas on the trip.
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    2009 Ohio Adventure

    All my pics are here. ( first 2 days only) Day 3 are here Im sure no one here knows what the Ohio...
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    Wife took the windshield out the other day while driving. I have had this thing on so many trails its not funny, no dents or broken glass yet. Maybe I should make it trail only so it doesnt get destroyed

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