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    2006 Jeep Liberty Part Time 4WD Light

    I’ll check it out. Thank you.
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    2006 Jeep liberty has a rumbling noise coming from underneath

    I had the same issues. I think it’s a Liberty thing. There’s a recap on rear suspension so you might want to check with the dealer. I changed everything, hubs, brakes, CV, and anything else I can think of. Three times alignment and numerous times balanced. Nothing. I think the Jeep Liberty is...
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    2006 Jeep liberty has a rumbling noise coming from underneath

    I think the issue is the transmission shifter solenoid. Very common with this kind of keeps. I have the same issue and got the parts but got sick from Covid flu.
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    2006 Jeep Liberty Part Time 4WD Light

    My wife’s 2006 Jeep Liberty 3.7L V6 has a new problem. The grinding noise from 40mph to 55mph didn’t disappear after replacing struts, CV joints, and both hubs. New brakes too. Now, the Part Time 4WD light came on. What could it be? 4 WD shifter is not engaged. Any help or suggestion appreciated.
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    How to fix LED Turn Signal

    I got one of those three wire mini LED after wife had an accident that ripped the front bumper off. I'm installing a Wrangler bumper I got from Amazon. I will post after install is complete. Back to LED turn signal. I also added a cheap(probably 40 watt or less) resistor from eBay. The install...
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    HOW TO: Tweak your Keyless Entry settings

    Good to know and thanks for this info. Is there a remote start Easter Egg? I tried what they do to other cars like an MB with Press 4 times Open Door and so on and it doesn't work. Maybe you know a secret.
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    Intermittent turn signal problem

    I would check fuses. No. 11 fuse 15amp blue located on driver side before checking the hazard relay(the hazard button is an integrated flasher relay).
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    4wd lights not illuminating, engaging.

    I'd contact Chrysler and give them your info. They should at least have your local Jeep get in touch with you.
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    New to Forum, KJ Owner in NV

    Hello everyone. I'm posting as new member from Nevada. KJ is wife's but I drive it more often than her. So I fix it and have learned a lot. Hope to learn more from this Forum.

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