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    Axle housing...

    Hello everyone. My 2004 Jeep Liberty has a bent rear housing so I was able to purchase a 2002 Jeep Liberty thinking I could use it for parts. I found out that the engine and transmission are not compatible with my ‘04, but is the axle in the ‘02 not interchangeable with my ‘04? Thanks.
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    A little confused. Help greatly appreciated.

    I’ve been all over these forums and other KJ forums and I can’t understand my issue. My 2004 Jeep Liberty has pulled to the right since I bought it November 2016. My friend who is my mechanic told me the front lower ball joints are fine, he replaced both UCA’s with JBA UCA’s and all rear control...
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    LED dash and HVAC bulbs

    I posted this same question on Lost Jeeps, but I thought I would try here too with a bit of a back story. My 2004 KJ's CD player stopped working yesterday. I tried cleaning it, but that didn't help. I decided to remove the radio and found out it is really dirty in there. Like someone went...
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    Fog light connector

    When I bought my KJ I tried replacing the bulbs to the fog lights only to find out that the socket was broken off the left side, but the wires with the connectors are still there. I never tried to fix it, but now I'm wanting to. I've searched to try to find the correct socket to, I suppose...
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    Dragging brake calipers?

    Would it not be uncommon to have 3/4 of your calipers to need to be replaced? I had my front driver's side replaced because it wouldn't press back in. I've been fighting a pull to the right, so I suspected a dragging front passenger brake caliper. Doing the cheapest option first I greased the...
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    16x7 stock rims with tires

    16x7 stock rims with tires *SOLD* I have four black 16x7 stock rims with Bridgestone Dueler APT III LT265/75 R16 tires. The tires are worn. One of the center caps is missing. I'm not sure what to ask, so let's try $300 or best offer. I live in McConnelsville, Ohio, about 30 minutes south of...
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    Jeep Renegade?

    I know some people really disliked the Renegade when it first came out, however it's kind of growing on me. I know it has a lot of Fiat design, but I have to ask if some have changed their minds about it? Daystar makes a 1.5" lift kit (I know it's spacers) for the Trailhawk, Motor Trend's...
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    Toyo Open Country AT II

    Is anyone running Toyo Open Country AT II's P245/75 R16? Not LT. I would really like to see some pictures of other Peoples' Liberty with this Tire if possible. Thanks!
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    JBA upper control arms. Lifted or stock?

    I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty that needs to have both upper control arms replaced. I really want to buy a better control arm that has a replaceable ball joint. I've heard good things about JBA. So, my question is which do I buy; the lifted or the stock? When I bought the Jeep in November the dealer...
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    2004 Liberty

    Here's my 2004 Liberty. I was told by the dealer it has a 2 inch lift . It came with Bridgestone 265/75 R16 tires, but I'm looking to go down to 245/75 R16 tires sometime. I had the oil changed, transmission filter and fluid changed along with new pan gasket, and new NGK plugs installed. So...
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    Help with cargo net 04 Liberty

    I'm not sure if this is where I ask this, so I apologize if this is the wrong place. I purchased a 2004 Jeep Liberty and tonight I accidentally broke the rear cargo net pouch that's in the rear passenger side panel. I can't seem to find a replacement. Is it fixable? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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