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    No heat Still 2003 liberty 3.7L

    When u put in new thermostat did you make sure bleed hole was on tip? Know a lot of people just shove them in and they wont bleed the air off right if not done right. Met one person that actually put in one upside down. Didn't know that was possible. Lol
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    I found the problem. The rear wiper motor burned out a few months ago and I have not changed it so I di a parasitic drain test and sure enough every 30 seconds or so it would hit over 90 mv for 10 seconds. Guess it's trying to park the wiper blade. Pulled fuse in the 19 slot and it pulled 0mv...
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    Hi everyone. Name is Darrell. Own a 2003 liberty limited. 200230 miles runs good. I take care of it. But lately it is running battery down if I let it sit a few days. New battery checked under load shows battery is good. Can remove key from ignition from any position. Was wondering if you all...

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