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    RustyRenegade's Rejuvenation

    My recently purchased 2002 Jeep Renegade needs rejuvenation. I knew I'd be under it soon and the time has come to take the clutch out. I have suspension parts ordered as well. My impressions so far... PB blaster is worse than transmission fluid. Now the fumes are going away, I plan on...
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    From Chevy S10 to Jeep KJ. Tinkering is what I do.

    Glad to be at jeepKJ form. I'm am looking forward to start searching how to keep my renegade running. Started out with an '86 s10. 4-tech was written somewhere under the hood. Replaced pumps, hoses, alternator, starter, brakes, and learned wiring to do the stereo. Great truck. 1997...

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