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  1. ptsb5a

    Hub replacement

    Alright, so the grinding noise at my feet turned out to be a hub. I replaced it but never took the time to take any pics. I felt guilty so I ordered another hub and replaced the other side. This time I took pics. So here goes. Just so you don't think I'm full of crap, here's the invoice. $170...
  2. ptsb5a

    Hub replacement.

    Sorry KK dudes, posted it in the wrong section, should of been under KJ.
  3. ptsb5a

    For those with an ARB 05-07

    Hey, anybody find a sure fire way to seal up the marker/turn signal lamp assembly? The one that ARB includes with the bumper lets water/mud/dirt in and is a beyotch to clean. Ideas? Anyone?
  4. ptsb5a

    Some vids of my KJ in the bush/mud

    A little splashing around... Taking the bypass around the 4 foot drop of doom into mud hole. Daryl and his '79 Yota making the drop and climbing out of the...
  5. ptsb5a

    Makes me wanna cry...

    Saw these two rotting not 50 yards from each other. Both are for sale but no number and no one home. Makes me want to start a home for old, tired Jeeps. The Grand Waggy, 360. auto, a/c, power everything... And something not often seen, a Cherokee Chief. 360, auto. Slowly returning to it's...
  6. ptsb5a

    Rock Rails anyone????

    Looking for some rock rail dimensions. The size of the bar that bolts to the body seam for one. I figured I'd use some 1" by 1/4" thick flat stock. It's the length that I need advice on. I measured approx 60". That's from the rear to just behind the part of the body seam that has the two bolts...
  7. ptsb5a

    Little rocker panel carnage

    So, after my last wheeling trip I discovered this. There's a nice dent under the front door's plastic crap and the rear part of the rocker cover comes off on it's own. Right now it's being held in place by tenacity and thats it. Anyone ever remove these pieces of crap and fill all the wee...
  8. ptsb5a

    How do I wash this???

    HELP!!! I hosed it off well but there's a film of muck left behind. Can anyone recommend a sure fire method to clean this off?? Am I going to be forced to remove a bunch of stuff like the intake tube, heat sheild, battery et al to get in there and scrub it all off?
  9. ptsb5a

    May Lake Trail

    Pics my son, my daughter and I took today. Not many, more to come. The trail starts as a cut line for an underground gas pipeline and ends up skirting a few of the lakes we have up here. Many not accessible by road. Me splashing through the mud Mike sinking his mongrel K-5 chassis/S-15...
  10. ptsb5a

    HOW TO: Driver's side axle seal replacement

    OK, seeing as some of you wanted an axle seal how to, here it is... First off, secure your KJ on a hoist/lift or stands. I'm lucky to be a member of a local off-road club and have access to a really well equiped shop. Housing prices here are ******** and I couldn't afford to live in a house...
  11. ptsb5a

    Awesomest Jeep ad EVER...

    A friend of mine emailed me a link to a Jeep ad. The link is dead but I managed to convert the .htm to .doc then to .jpeg and want to share it with all of you. If any of you with "geek" in their name feel like sharing a better way to do this file conversion crap, by all means do. Page 1...
  12. ptsb5a

    10 Pm and still light enough.....

    It's 10 pm, pretty soon we'll have 24hrs of sunshine. Gotta keep the KJ HJ'd, no dark to hide the dirt!!
  13. ptsb5a

    Front axle seal

    Anybody have a part number other than the OE part number ( 5066-066AA) for a front axle seal. I've got one that's weeping and don't want to spend $31 for a seal from the dealer.
  14. ptsb5a

    Lights IN an ARB

    So, the el cheapo light kit I bought off of Ebay sucked. Have a cracked lamp already. I need a little advice. Does anyone have any experience with the PIAA 510s? I can get a set at a very good price and they're the right size to fill the hole in the bumper. Can anyone recommend another...
  15. ptsb5a

    Cradle Drop

    Has anyone considered doing there own cradle drop? I was thinking some 3/8 or 1/2 plate + the plasma cutter might make for some homemade shims. Four for the cradle and two for the t-case crossmember shouldn't be too difficult to make. Other than the fan shroud are there any other "complications"...
  16. ptsb5a

    Genuine Mopar parts

    Hey all fellow Canucks... I'd like you all to know that I had a great experience ordering parts from Westbury Jeep in the USA. They have a great website and the parts, even after shipping, were way less than if I had purchased them through a Canadian Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler parts department...
  17. ptsb5a

    Rancho's up north

    Hey all fellow Canukleheads... RSX17505 is still available through Bumper-to-Bumper locations. I ordered mine today, $120 ea and three weeks wait. Something about a warehouse in Ontario and a long truck ride. Now, I need to find an OME supplier..... NEW lift coming by May.
  18. ptsb5a

    Off road in Cold Lake The club I go wheeling with. The web page ***** 'cause none of us are tech geeks but it'll give you guys somewhat of an idea of what we wheel up north.
  19. ptsb5a

    Found Rust hiding under.....

    Changed out the bulb for my third brake light today and found some corrosion hiding underneath. Thought you might like to know. Here's where I found the paint rubbed away and rust starting to show. Note that it was at the same place on both sides. And here's the culprit. Poor design of the...
  20. ptsb5a

    IGGEE Seat covers

    Little expensive but really good quality stuff. I just installed a set and they make the interior of my Libby feel like new again.

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