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  1. kaykay71110

    Help I don't know what's wrong!!!!

    I was driving in the rain tonight and some guy almost came in to my lane and hit me, I honked and put on my breaks they skipped a little but then I pushed on the gas and it was still fine then all the sudden I heard this loud thudding sound and I wasn't going any where real fast I thought my...
  2. kaykay71110

    what happen to Ry' N Jen

    hey i been gone a while what happen to Ry' N Jen his page says banned???
  3. kaykay71110

    cargo cover

    hello every one long time no see!!! So Ive been surfing craigslist for a while for a cargo cover and slush floor mats, found my floor mats for $40 they came out a 2005 liberty:happy107: but I'm pretty sure those will fit fine!! but my question is will the cargo cover I found fit, It came...
  4. kaykay71110

    nerf bars

    the nerf bars or sliders on my jeep are getting rusty! any way to make them look pretty again lol! was thinking about having them sprayed with rhino lining???
  5. kaykay71110

    Need fast answer-- how to leave the radio on with out draining battery

    HELLO again every one!!!!! well I'll get to the point!!! Me and my boyfriend are going to the drive in movies Saturday and I was wondering how do I leave the radio on to listen to the movie with out draining my battery??? I did this on my float trip last weekend and I needed a jump start...
  6. kaykay71110

    God another problem, fuel gauge reading wrong now

    hey every one The other day when I ran out of gas on the trails I put gas in it and it went above the 1/8 of a tank I took home and parked it and drove my boyfriends car for the rest the week... well I took his car and he had to go down the street and he ran out gas again when I told him it...
  7. kaykay71110

    Freaking keep getting locked out my Jeep!!!!

    :favorites68:so I had a 2002 libby I could leave it running go in pay for gas get back in and go or run in my house but the first day I got my 2006 it freaking locked me out!!! and I thought good way to teach me not to leave my keys in the car now I've been locked out of it 4 times already!!! in...
  8. kaykay71110

    passenger side brake light keeps burning out

    my passenger brake light keeps burning out! last week I put the regular (3157) light in it 2 days later its burnt out so I went and got the better bulbs by silver star and another 2 days later it burnt out I'm like what the freak!!!!:favorites68:
  9. kaykay71110

    2006 renegade radio and speakers!!!

    I have a 2006 liberty renegade I have a kenwood DVD player that I'm gonna install but when I go to replace the door speakers I have no clue? Do I have to take the whole door panel off or just pop the grill off them, and also I was looking this up and I was reading each speaker has its own...
  10. kaykay71110

    custom license plate ideas??

    i have 2006 renegade that i want custom license plates for im a daddys girl, love racing but this is not a race truck lol, i like fox racing, getting muddy and dirty but also love the girly things i live in MO so Regular personalized license plate design with no emblem or wheelchair symbol...
  11. kaykay71110

    2006 renegade front end noise???

    so just cursing along today enjoying having windows down when i heard like grinding noise or metal on metal like clancking noise and it dosent do it at a stop but when i go, its got the original rims on it!! 2002 started doing this and i thought it was because it had rims on it but never...