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    How to: Retrofit Projector Headlights

    So, I've been meaning to write this up for quite some time now... better late than never I suppose. Unfortunately, I didn't really take many pictures as I went along doing it. So I'll use stock photos to fill in as best I as can to help explain things. Let me start by saying that there are...
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    Anyone running Bilstein shocks with Ironman Springs?

    I was just browsing the JBA site, looking at suspension. I was originally thinking of doing the Ironman 1.5" HD kit ($813), but then some quick math showed that a set of Bilstein shocks + Ironman HD springs is $698. Is anyone already using this setup? Does that combo ride better than the full...
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    New to the forum, 2007 Liberty Sport 4x4

    Greetings all, I completely overlooked this thread and went straight to the 'Members' Journal', doh! :gr_grin: Anyway, my name is Jonathan and I'm a "new" KJ owner. I've had my KJ for a couple months now, but I've loved it so far. I really got introduced to the Jeep brand when I bought a...
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    2007 Jeep Liberty

    Greetings KJ forum, :party52: I just recently joined the KJ community when I purchased a green 2007 Liberty 3.7 Sport 4x4. Ever since I bought a KK Liberty for my mom in 2010, and had it exported to the Caribbean where she lives, I was hooked on Jeeps. So when the time came to buy something...

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