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  1. GeordieJeep

    Transfer case Compatibility

    I have a 04 KJ Rocky Mountain Edition 3.7L, 42RLE trans, 242-J t-case, Trac-Lock, skids, tire package, towing package, etc My T-case is NFG and needs replacement, luckily I have 22 KJ's to choose from between the local wreckers, half of which will have a 242-J. I know the 04 is a one year...
  2. GeordieJeep

    New to the Forums from Calgary Alberta Canada

    Picked up a 04 Rocky Mountain edition a few weeks back for 1500$ cad with 221K km on it (130K miles) with some issues. 500$ and a trip to the wreakers I got everything sorted out and the maintenance up to date. Added in a new stereo, rain guards, and a trailer harness, and couldn't be happier...

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