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  1. klc

    The BatCar

    Yes, on Monday they opened Old McKenzie Highway for the Summer. East of Belknap Crater and McKenzie Pass.
  2. klc

    The BatCar

    Today’s water crossing, out among the lava flows.
  3. klc

    HOW TO: Bump Stops - Front & Rear Replacement

  4. klc

    Np 231 transfer case chain

    I should mention that they are a small operation and sometimes they need a little extra time to ship something.
  5. klc

    Np 231 transfer case chain has some in stock.
  6. klc

    The BatCar

    Replaced the forward turn signal lamps today. That’s everything but the driving lights now.
  7. klc

    03 Liberty heat stuck on all the time

    There are some posts here about this. I’m trying to find it in the Service Manual, but here’s the extract. Post in thread 'heater & ac'
  8. klc

    What did you do to your jeep today? makes electric conversion kits that fit most bikes. I bought the Sprinter model two years ago and it’s awesome, makes the ride to work much easier. Now if it will just stop raining.
  9. klc

    Oops! I messed up!

    Go here and enter your VIN to get the Build Sheet for your Jeep: And welcome to the neighborhood. Lots of good info here.
  10. klc

    The BatCar

    I keep thinking I oughta check my work. One of these fasteners might be important.
  11. klc

    The BatCar

    The Primary Toolbox, which spent ten years behind the back seat of my ‘73 Bug, has now migrated to the cargo compartment, taking its’ place among the bits and bobs I’ve picked up over the past year.
  12. klc

    The BatCar

    Went to Lowe’s for some drain cleaner, came out with a new torque wrench as well. But it was on sale…
  13. klc

    Long time Lurker; first time Caller.

  14. klc

    Passenger Floor Wet - Solved

    Our XJ had the same problem. Needed cleaning every three or four years.
  15. klc

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    And Unicorns!
  16. klc

    The BatCar

    Oh, yes, I apologize for forgetting my citation.
  17. klc

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Dunno, but I’m wondering if California Grass is cheaper now.
  18. klc

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    I had to buy California gasoline the other day. Ouch!
  19. klc

    The BatCar

    I need a sticker for the dash that says ‘You can always turn around.’
  20. klc

    The BatCar

    Yeah, I think Makita has a twelve-inch saw.