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  1. CzarKJ

    FS: 5hp Ariens Snowblower

    Thought I would throw this up here for anyone interested in the area. 5hp Ariens Snowblower Come on down to Crazy Czar's Snowblower emporium! Asking $250 but I could strike a deal for forum members for sure!
  2. CzarKJ

    Water Pump

    I am going to replace my water pump due to p*ss poor heat. Any brand I should go with? Is this one of those MOPAR OR DIE things like the radiator? I plan on following this. P.S. I'm on the end of a 14 hour hard...
  3. CzarKJ

    Crawling For a Cure Event October 15th 2016

    Well it's about that time a year again! Crawling for a Cure whole day event at the Quabog Motorcycle Club in Monson, MA. I will be there doing the photos and partaking in the trail rides. Yes a stock liberty can do the trails but I...
  4. CzarKJ

    Free Front Air Dam (Plastic Piece) Local Pickup

    I took my front air dam off a long time ago and it won't be going back on. If anyone has one cracked or damaged near me and needs one here you go! 20150623_181019 by Timothy C, on Flickr
  5. CzarKJ

    JBA 4XGuard Transmission Skid Plate (Mark 1) Local Pickup Only

    Well due to some crazyness that I don't want to discuss.... I have a JBA 4XGuard Transmission skid plate for 02-03 Libertys. This is the Mark 1 which had some fitment issues that have been corrected in the later models. It has a few scratches and the powder coat is peeled in a few places but...
  6. CzarKJ

    Crawling for a Cure Events 10/3 & 10/17

    Well there are the two events this year for Crawling for A Cure! First one will be a backwoods farm in NH. Second will be at a favorite of mine the Quabog Riders Club in MA. I will be volunteering this year but hopefully I am still able to hit the trails a few times! Please check them out...
  7. CzarKJ

    Camping Trip VT/NH/NY?

    Anyone in the northeast up for a weekend camping trip anytime soon? I was thinking about going the 24th-26th or the weekend after that. Location can be chosen based on who wants to go. I know a bunch of good free places in the Green Mountains VT. I also heard about some places in the White...
  8. CzarKJ

    Go Topless Day 5/16/15

    Go Topless Day in Monson MA! (I know this doesn't "apply" to 99.999% of liberties but hey who cares) They had over 600 Jeeps there last year and it is a great location at the quaboag motorcycle club. Crawling for a cure holds events there in the fall. So trail rides (stock to highly...
  9. CzarKJ

    Rear 8.25 Detroit True Trac

    I want to qualify this review with the fact this is my first limited slip/locker. Well I have had the Detroit true trac for a while now so its finally time for a review. Product. Price 575.97 + free shipping. (+install) Pros: No...
  10. CzarKJ

    To lock or not to lock

    Well it seems my rear diff is getting louder... My trusty local mechanic said it sounds as if my pinion bearing is heading down the tubes. Well since I NEED to get that fixed I figured why not upgrade while he is in there. 4.10s were and option but I just don't have that kinda cash right now...
  11. CzarKJ

    Crawling For A Cure 10/4/14

    Well this is another Jeep rally/trail ride in the north east! This one is for a great cause and I hope I can make it. 10/4 in Rumney NH. Crawling For A Cure Backwoods Farm link _>>Home
  12. CzarKJ

    This could be terminal

    So my battery cable ends are bending pretty bad. They were crushed when I bought the jeep and it only has gotten worse since I need to crush them for them to stay on the terminals. I am considering upgrading to military style ends. Has anyone done this? I haven't messed with this ever so any...
  13. CzarKJ

    Mirror mirror...

    What is everyone's thoughts on blind spot mirrors? Besides aiming your mirror correctly...
  14. CzarKJ

    Great American Jeep Rally

    Anyone going to the great American jeep rally in Ellington CT on September 13th? I plan on being there for the opening around 9am
  15. CzarKJ

    Skid plates ma

    To my MA peeps looking for cheap factory skids SKID PLATE SET $50
  16. CzarKJ

    Manual Won't Go Into Gear

    Well I got a good one for you guys. On the road I had an issue where I couldn't go into gear. Pulled in my driveway and now my transmission won't go into gear at all! I have limited side to side movement on the shifter. Won't even touch the gears no grinding at all. Clutch works and moves...
  17. CzarKJ

    Do go into the light.

    I am looking to mount a flashlight to my seat for quick access. I have done some research and some shopping around but would like to see what everyone's opinion is on different lights. I am thinking either the maglight LED 2D cell or the maglight LED 3D cell. Anything else I should be looking at?
  18. CzarKJ

    T-stat or something else.

    Well just yesterday I started having an issue. When in traffic or at a stop light my heat blows cold. When moving its hot. On the highway I could cook a chicken from the vents. No issues with overheating. Blower works on all speeds. Temp gauge just below halfway as it always has been. All...
  19. CzarKJ

    WTB: 03 Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    Throwin' a line out there.:fishing1: Looking for a 03 Fuel tank Skid plate. Could be MOPAR, Kilby, Skid Row... etc. Just seeing if anyone has one lying around that they could part with.
  20. CzarKJ

    Thoughts on light bars

    Well I want to add a bit more light to the roof. What do people run and how do you like them? I am considering a renegade light bar since it fits nice. I don't want anything that sticks up too high. Maybe a cross bar mount but in the front? Just trying to bounce some ideas around.