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  1. nbas

    Transfer Case Swap

    I am using full-time 4WD most of the time. Holds much better in turns than rear wheel drive. It can be used in paved streets, whereas the part-time 4WD cannot.
  2. nbas

    Anyone have a conversion for volts to actual transmission temp?

    If you have the '07 Liberty with CanBus, you will most probably be able to read the Transmission Temp from your phone with Torque App. It worked fine for a Jeep Wrangler 2008 of a friend of mine (42RLE with CanBus). If you have an earlier model without CanBus as I do, you will need the program...
  3. nbas

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

    What I do is, use the drain plug to drain as much as possible every 15.000km (approx 5L). Every 60.000km I change the filter also. This way, I keep my fluid always as good as possible. Off course I have already raised the breathers of the transmission high in the engine bay... I always check the...
  4. nbas

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

    I bought a PML cast Aluminum transmission pan with drain plug for my 42RLE transmission, from US. So I cannot help you with that. I bought two actually, one for my KJ and another one for a 2008 JK of a friend of mine (they both share the same transmission 42RLE). We ate both very happy with it.
  5. nbas

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

    Since you are in Europe as I am, check ato24 in Germany. I buy all my Mopar fluids from there and there is no shipping above 200Euro. I have no affiliation with them, I just checked their prices which were far better than the ones in Greece...
  6. nbas

    Changing Radio

    I bought a spare tyre backup camera adaptor from ebay. I ended up using a Kenwood backup camera on the spare tyre adaptor and I am very happy with it.
  7. nbas

    Changing Radio

    All European Radio's use ISO Connectors. From your first link, you will need the double DIN facia and the antenna adapter. The Audio adapter cable can be used if you can solder and it is the METRA 70-6502 I do not know whether the rest will work for sure, as I have not used them, but they seem...
  8. nbas

    Changing Radio

    I have installed a Double DIN KENWOOD DMX-8020DABS with wireless android auto & apple carplay, and 2 camera's (can take up to four), and I am very happy with it. Please check whether or not you have the Infinity upgraded Audio. If you do, you have amps on the doors and therefore the audio...
  9. nbas

    2004 Liberty need PID for trans temp with Torque Pro

    I am using this Android App which was made by a member from Germany. It is the only way I have found for real time trans temp monitoring. It has been very helpfull for me. It is also in Celcius. Hope it helps... Jeep KJ Transmission Monitor
  10. nbas

    Proper Pressure

    I fully agree, but the charts relate pressures to weight so if you measure the weight on each tyre, you will be able to find the correct pressure for each case. In my case, I have no aftermarket bumpers (metal bumpers are forbiden by law), so it was easier, and after 30.000Km (18.750miles), I...
  11. nbas

    Proper Pressure

    If you use the charts correctly, you will not see so much difference in pressures as you think. The ride is fine for me, I use the Cooper STT Pro which is an LT. Tyres have changed a lot the last decade regarding the compounds used. To me, the greatest change that changed everything is the OME...
  12. nbas

    1 wire trick for turning the factory radio amp

    Check the Service Manual for your vehicle year. Check also the wiring diagrams. The following is for 2004 Liberty: AMPLIFIER CHOKE AND RELAY DESCRIPTION Vehicles equipped with the premium speaker package have a amplifier choke and relay. The amplifier choke and relay is mounted to the lower...
  13. nbas

    No sound aftermarket car radio please help!

    Check if your Liberty has the upgraded Infinity system. In this case, it has external ampifiers, one in each front door. The Metra looks like it is for this system as it has RCA which need to be connected to the Pre-Outs of the radio. Otherwise, if you have the standard system without external...
  14. nbas

    Proper Pressure

    I have been through this before, and chalk works well, but being an engineer myself, I wanted to find something from a tyre company explaining how to calculate correct pressure when you change tyre type and size. This is what I found:
  15. nbas

    Oil change

    I use AMSOIL XL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. It is meeting DaimlerChrysler Material Standard MS-6395 (recommended in my car's book).
  16. nbas

    MT tires (E) daily driving PSI?

    I am running 245/75R16 Cooper STT pro's on 36psi after making the calculations according to: and it works fine! Approx 20-25psi for off-road but this varies according to the terrain...
  17. nbas

    Liberty Grille question

    Yes, the fog lights are different, they look like the 02-04 model... Nevertheless, the PartNo's I've written are the correct ones according to ARB's Application Guide
  18. nbas

    Liberty Grille question

    From what I know, that is the '05-07 bumper (partNo.3450170). The bumper for 02-04 is (partNo.3450160) and uses the stock turn signal lights. It is the one in the following photo:
  19. nbas

    Hi from Croatia, Europe

  20. nbas

    LED interior lighting issue

    I replaced cargo light with: and Map/Reading lights with: Very bright (might be to much light for some...), with no glowing The Map Reading...