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    Success with a twist...???

    Hello fellow Jeepers.....Just a follow up on my rough Idle and stalling issue....changed the AIC and couldn't believe how much carbon build-up...took the throttle body off because it was really bad and cleaned that up....took the crank vent tubes off and cleaned those up as well. No more rough...
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    I'm stumped....Stalling ++

    My apologies ahead of time if this has been discussed but I haven't come across similar issues. Jeep was running fine until battery died and ended up installing new alt/battery. Now having some issues. I will start with my wife stating fuel mileage is a lot better since new install.Well that...
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    Yet another Jeep

    Hello everyone. I am so happy that forums like these exist.I'm a guy who likes to do as much mechanical work as possible on a vehicle because A) I know the work is getting done properly and B) its gonna save me money and C) just because I like wrenching. My wife recently purchased a 2005...