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  1. WickedBruce

    Hey Everyone!!

    It's been a while! How the hell is everyone doing?!
  2. WickedBruce

    Colorado Overland

    Our Texas group is doing a Colorado Overland that starts monday July 4th. The wife and I came up early for some sightseeing/touristy stuff first. Ive been posting pics of our adventures for the last few days now, but If ya'll are interested in seeing some pics, follow me and my friends on...
  3. WickedBruce

    Veterans Day! (Profanity included)

    Alright, ya'll ******* no what day it is. Today is the day to thank a ****** veteran for putting his or her dick on the line for our ****** country and our rights. Everyday for years these steel-balled ************* put the **** out to keep you safe, and maintain our ********* Freedom. So if you...
  4. WickedBruce

    Offroad Tire PSI

    So I wanted to start a discussion about what PSI ya'll go down to when rockcrawling. This past weekend we saw the differences between 15 lbs and 20lbs. Drastic difference. So let's post up: Tire size What tire you have Lbs of pressure How she crawls I'll start with mine from this past...
  5. WickedBruce

    My Flare Chop

    CHOP CHOP! Here's a quick little description of what I did with my flares, and a few visual aids. Bought the flares brand new $95, as I didn't have any (damn Jeep boating accident :D ). Cut the small section off that goes along the stock bumper, because they would not go on with my...
  6. WickedBruce

    Steel d30

    I'm about to buy that sumbitch. I had it added into my cart last night, along with 4.56 gears and bearing kit, and the D30 carrier. Marlin doesn't have any 4.56 rears listed, so I shot him an email. If all goes well, I'll be $2300 poorer :D
  7. WickedBruce

    Convertible Bumper

    Back in July i got in contact with Marty about ordering the Convertible Winch bumper. We set up a payment plan for 6 months. Well I paid it off ahead of schedule, and he says it's not far from being done. I'm super excited and hoping it will be done soon. I haven't been on here in a while so...
  8. WickedBruce


    Well, down in Texas now. So far I'm loving it, and so is Gemma (the KJ). It was about 1600 miles and a 25 hour drive. Gonna need some maintenance, new CV axles for sure, the we're off to explore our new home :)
  9. WickedBruce

    Pa Jeep show/KJ

    Going to take pictures of any KJ I see. Project KJ (BDS) will be there, so ill try to get up close and personal with it!!
  10. WickedBruce

    WTS Icon style wheels

    The wife keeps bugging at me to get rid of these wheels, or shave my beard. So I'm trying to sell these. Its a full set of 5. Just cleaned them up. They have few blemishes, nothing ugly though. I've searched online for them, and for some reason they are hard to find. I've found them for $161/ea...
  11. WickedBruce

    front guards with arb

    Does anybody know if the 4xguard or skid row front guards work with the arb bumper without modification? It seems the 4xguard extends upward fairly high
  12. WickedBruce

    best day ever

    Because America that's why usa.gif
  13. WickedBruce

    arb mount

    I've seen the thread that shows the arb bumper mount, but does anyone have a picture of the backside (inside) of the bull bar, so I can see how it gets attached to the mount?
  14. WickedBruce

    my jeeps sounds like rice crispies

    Just kidding its not that bad. After installing the Moog lower ball joints. A majority of my clunks have gone. However, now I just notice other ones haha. Looks like I may just buy both side cv's and intermediate shaft and replace them. Occasionally if I hit a bump, near the front center it...
  15. WickedBruce

    today is the day

    Sitting here waiting for my love to get her new shoes fitted. **** soon to come.
  16. WickedBruce

    Does anyone know the difference

    between these two 50"? They have the same part number... KC HiLiTES 1327 - KC HiLiTES 50" LZR LED Combo Spot & Flood Lamp Bar - Quadratec KC HiLites LED Light Bar, KC HiLights Bone Series LED Off-Road Light Bars Let me know!
  17. WickedBruce

    This may stir some people up

    I've just finished going through my manuals and creating a spreadsheet for Gemma's servicing schedule. All these numbers are right out of the manual. But I want to know what YOU do. Schedule Bravo only. Get to it. :emoticondancer: Engine Oil--> 3,000 Spark Plugs---> 30,000 PCV...
  18. WickedBruce

    Pics of the trail stripes

    They arent too bad. A lot more noticeable in person though. Also got some up on top of the doors. I see line-x in my future, because I like to make my own trails...
  19. WickedBruce

    Gotta get me one of these!

  20. WickedBruce


    Got them in the mail today thanks to Mr. Ridenby!! Woot.

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