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  1. nbas

    ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor

    Hello guys, I have just ordered the following for my '04 KJ: ARB CKMA12 Compressor ARB inflation kit Digital Tyre Inflator ARB601 :winner_third_h4h: I guess that many of you have already installed one in your Jeeps. Therefore, the question is, where is the best place to install it? Is there...
  2. nbas

    Tire Pressure Calculation

    Hi all, I've done some research regarding the way to determine the correct psi for my new tires. I recently changed after a lift, from 235/70R16 to LT245/75R16. I have read several threads of users asking what tire pressure to use for their new tires but never an answer saying WHY... The only...
  3. nbas

    Drivers side lower than Passanger side

    I have lifted my KJ recently according to my signature. I left it settle for 2 months, and after 2000KM (1250miles) i measured and saw that the drivers front wheel was almost 1,5cm (0,6") lower than the passanger side. I measure from the center of the wheel up to the lower curve of the fender...
  4. nbas

    Aux Transmission Cooler

    Hi guys, i have been monitoring the Transmission Temp in my KJ, and the other day i saw it coming up to 113C-235F while in traffic. I am checking the temperature through the OBD. So, now i am in the process of installing an aux Transmission Cooler. I have been thinking of installing the B&M...
  5. nbas

    New member from Greece

    Hello all! My name is Nikos and I come from Greece. I live in Athens. First of all, I would like to thank all members of this forum, for all the information and knowledge I have received, as I have been reading a lot and found usefull information regarding my Jeep. I own a Jeep KJ 3.7...

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