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  1. Aceofspades

    Binding sound when turning / accelerating

    Last November I rebuilt the OEM front shaft using parts from the USA company posted here. The rebuild was easy and no wobbles or shimmy at speed which is what the Chinese ebay shafts I had before did. I been chasing a binding sound when turning and accelerating. It’s like a bad cv axle sound...
  2. Aceofspades

    2003 3rd-4th rpm spike

    Hey guys Wondering if anyone else had a similar issue. The jeep has a about a 200rpm spike before it goes into 4th under throttle. I can replicate this on the fly by simply being on the highway and pressing the OD button on/off. Each time you turn it back on manually , its like something slips...
  3. Aceofspades

    Rebuild or replace JBA ball joint

    One replacement is $60. 2 rebuilds are $62 Curious if anyone had any luck or insight on the rebuild process vs dropping in a ready to go one. I have a clunk coming from mine after almost only 3 years thanks (btw I have 2 jeeps running these upper arms and would like to prepare for any...
  4. Aceofspades

    Door locks screaming

    So. My driver side door lock finally decided to start screaming everyday now. At this point- I find this video now relevant Seriously though. Why do they do this ? This is the 2nd one on the 02. The 03 is whisper quiet
  5. Aceofspades

    Factory load index rating for Liberty

    Looking for this info via google and forums , I can’t seen to find any numbers. I see info on the lettering “C” or “E” regarding sidewall ply but not the actual load carrying capacity. For example one set of tires would be 107T and another place offers the same tire but a few bucks more for...
  6. Aceofspades

    MT tires (E) daily driving PSI?

    not really sure how to calculate this one. So once you step out to an aftermarket tire like a MT with a higher load range (E) - you throw away the recommend 35 psi door sticker recommendations right ? I’m running the maxxis razr m/t 265/75/16 and it’s “up to 80psi” Since I’m not towing...
  7. Aceofspades

    Anyone here ? eBay posting KJ First time I’ve seen a limited bumper 02-03 bumper with the Baja cut I would like to try that but I haven’t seen any close-ups of how clean it looks afterwards or how you clean it up
  8. Aceofspades

    I need post-lift info please

    in my 2002 I used brand new everything from the lower ball joint up. OME shock / springs JBA upper arms lifted 1/4” top plate spacer 1/4” clevis spacer And measured today from the center of my center cap to the bottom of the fender is 21 to about 21 1/4”. Same thing on my 2003 except for...
  9. Aceofspades

    02-03 camber bolts alignment issue

    Working on both the 02 and the 03, I ran into an issue that I cannot confirm on my own. Without looking at another liberty , researching gives me conflicting info. Background - had my 03 camber bolts cut out and new lower arms installed. I provided the bolts from Mopar outlet. The bolts did not...
  10. Aceofspades

    Oem mud flaps

    The oem style not aftermarket. If anyone removed them and doesn’t need em- let me know Thanks
  11. Aceofspades

    Cylinder 6 misfire update with surprise

    178k. All maintenance done last year. Coils plugs sensors fluids etc Earlier in summer I would get a random cylinder 6 misfire. Would go away after restart and never present itself again for weeks if not months. It came back in October with a upstream passenger side o2 code as well All 4...
  12. Aceofspades

    Anyone have to cut control arms out

    Because the bolts (camber adjustment) has seized ? Want to know what I’m getting into before I start If there’s room for a sawzall blade to get into the pockets or an easier method
  13. Aceofspades

    Lower control arm bolts

    Here’s a question. Mine are seized. All 4 apparently after a “bad alignment” I need to cut them out and replace the lower arms I would like to order all 4 lower arm bolts and if possible the bolts that hold the lower clevis fork to the control arm bushing. If anyone could point me into...
  14. Aceofspades

    Noise experts

    Bad opinion bearing sound? Back to driving the 03 again after a couple years Finished the overhaul. New everything I can think of besides lower arms in the front. Got this noise going on. When I get time I’ll have to lift it up and let it run on stands...
  15. Aceofspades

    second lift kit questions

    hey guys I'm thinking about lifting my jeep now. I was looking to try something different and instead of the OME struts , I would try bilsteins I know with the OME i needed to the find the rears that are extra long aka "132L" What is the bilstein equivalent for the OME 90009 front and 132L ...
  16. Aceofspades

    2002 drum brake size

    Quick question. When ordering drum brakes for the 2002, I found 2 sizes for both the pads and drums. Does the size correlate to the engine size ex: 4cyl vs v6? Wondering if anyone knows before I remove the wheels Thanks in advance
  17. Aceofspades

    2 10’ kayaks

    So I got the mopar cross bars installed. I bought 2 10’ kayaks and realized I never bought anything to transport them with I saw this...
  18. Aceofspades

    PCV issue again

    2002. Replaced pcv in December. It looks worse now. I’m not using the insert if that matters. Even if this doesn’t hurt the engine I’d like to fix it. The 03 doesn’t do this at all and it has the insert. I can order / buy any recommendations. Thanks
  19. Aceofspades

    Poor off road handling

    Hey everyone. Maybe there is a quick solution to this. Drove 30 miles to an off road spot. 5 miles to it is a gravel seasonal only road. Lots of muck and mud from the snow melting and rain recently. As soon as the jeep went from paved to this , it was all over the place. Took me by surprise...
  20. Aceofspades

    02 speed sensor

    How important is this to repair? It just started acting up before I planned on using the jeep for a long holiday cruises. The speedometer drops to zero when I left off the gas, but on throttle its a little less erratic Only a couple times did I feel something odd during this. Felt like power...

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