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    Success with a twist...???

    yes......thanks Gyro.....IAC....and no codes Ksat
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    Hello, thinking of restoring a KJ for the wife...

    My two cents.....find one that is decent and buy it....if she loved her previous KJ she will love another and put you on her "sweetheart" list. Just like you I enjoy wrenching and tinkering and when my partner bought her KJ Renegade I was hesitant....BUT....I have replaced the water pump and a...
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    Success with a twist...???

    I did replace the was the throttle body I cleaned.....ah yes....the sunroof....makes more sense...gotcha.....thanks....rough idle(on cold start) and stalling(at stops) has been fixed by doing what I stated(changing AIC and cleaning throttle body and PCV valve and tubes. 2 events of a...
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    Success with a twist...???

    Hello fellow Jeepers.....Just a follow up on my rough Idle and stalling issue....changed the AIC and couldn't believe how much carbon build-up...took the throttle body off because it was really bad and cleaned that up....took the crank vent tubes off and cleaned those up as well. No more rough...
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    I'm stumped....Stalling ++

    Thanks LTC....wasn't aware their was a baffle....and yes...I'm aware of the PCV valve as stated I changed it not that long ago....I actually learned not all PCV valves are the same....I purchased one from NAPA who is my part source of choice but learned that not all replacement parts are treated...
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    I'm stumped....Stalling ++

    Yes LibertyTC....Sponge Bob....**** this morning I decided to check out the sponge and discovered some white sludge and the sponge was soaked with the sludge.So I replaced it with more B&S air filter foam and took it for a drive and no threat of stalling so now I am going to clean the PCV...
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    I'm stumped....Stalling ++

    My apologies ahead of time if this has been discussed but I haven't come across similar issues. Jeep was running fine until battery died and ended up installing new alt/battery. Now having some issues. I will start with my wife stating fuel mileage is a lot better since new install.Well that...
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    Yet another Jeep

    Hello everyone. I am so happy that forums like these exist.I'm a guy who likes to do as much mechanical work as possible on a vehicle because A) I know the work is getting done properly and B) its gonna save me money and C) just because I like wrenching. My wife recently purchased a 2005...

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