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  1. WheelNut

    bad clunk over bumps following front bilstein install

    Very ingenious method of diagnosis! Good to know you solved it. Nothing to do with the shocks topping out after all then. Does the handling feel different before and after the spacers?
  2. WheelNut

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Installed some OEM recovery points on the front last night. It was really easy! Getting the bumper cover off the KJ is so easy. Its pretty amazing how simple installation and removal of some parts on this vehicle are. Take the front grille for example: No tools required. Just lift 6-7 clips and...
  3. WheelNut

    What is your recommended Liberty and Options?

    I know a lot of guys recommend going for the older models as they have less electronics, but having traction control and such can be awful nice in the winter- especially if you are sharing the vehicle with someone who has less ability to catch a slide or manage wheelspin. The girlfriend has had...
  4. WheelNut

    2002/2003 and possible Younger Jeep parts problems...*****WARNING!!!****

    You've blown up 6 aftermarket PS pumps? Over what time period did that take place? Some people might say that is a lot of PS pumps to blow up. What is your usage like? Are you putting your KJ through extreme duty cycles?
  5. WheelNut

    bad clunk over bumps following front bilstein install

    It is definitely possible the Bilsteins are a bit shorter than the Ranchos. This is hard to know because there isn't much information out there about what is actually inside a shock. There might be top out bumpers inside the shock and its possible that the Bilstein top out bumpers are smaller...
  6. WheelNut

    bad clunk over bumps following front bilstein install

    If you jack up the front of the Jeep how much do the wheels droop before the tires leave the ground? What is the distance from the wheel center to fender flare with the vehicle on the ground and what is the wheel center to flare distance with the vehicle jacked up off the ground? Like...
  7. WheelNut

    H&R Spring Review

    I had my H&R springs and Bilstein 4600s installed about 3 weeks ago. Front ride height immediately after the install was 22.5" (wheel center to fender flare). I haven't actually had it out in the dirt yet, but I'm hoping to soon. These springs are definitely a bit stiffer than the factory...
  8. WheelNut

    Spartan helical diff

    sthoms: There are cars that come with a helical diff in the front from the factory. Look at the Subaru Impreza STI for example: It shipped with a helical LSD in the front for 10+ years. Mini also offered a helical LSD on the Cooper S for years. There are lots of performance FWD cars that come...
  9. WheelNut

    KJ Winch Bumper - MOVE

    I submitted a request with them! I suppose the great thing about these DIY kits is that for the manufacturer the overhead to offer a kit is so low. They just have to store the DWG file and then cut a kit when someone requests it. The inventory requirements are so minimal. Shipping costs must be...
  10. WheelNut

    Fuel Economy

    Hey Folks, So, the cost of fuel is up to where it was back in 2019 and maybe then some. The Covid gas price crash couldn't last forever could it? I'm paying $1.90CDN/L ($5.71USD/Gal) right now in Vancouver BC. It's pretty painful! I've been averaging 15L/100km (15.7mpg) over the last year. That...
  11. WheelNut

    looking for advice on buying a 2005 liberty

    Wait for another one that doesn't have the 1st gear problem. Liberty's aren't all that rare. They built hundreds of thousands of them. Or get the guy to discount the price to cover the cost of repair. $6k for a KJ that won't stay in gear seems crazy to me.
  12. WheelNut

    Bilstein front 5100 facts , just say NO

    You're certainly not wrong. (What follows is me repeating what you already said, but with some additional thoughts sprinkled in) In a static state the spring is compressed the same amount whether or not there is a spacer under the bottom of the spring, or the spring perch is moved up. In this...
  13. WheelNut

    2002 Liberty Engine Dying

    Perhaps if the engine was quite cold and the oil was still very thick then the oil pressure may have dropped below the minimum pressure when he let off the throttle. I used to get the low oil pressure light popping up sometimes in my old E36 when it was cold out, the engine was cold, and the AC...
  14. WheelNut

    The 03 1st day , just bought

    What is the steel bumper on there? It looks awesome with the trimmed bumper!
  15. WheelNut

    2002 Liberty Engine Dying

    I believe the mechanic was giving your truck what we in America would call "The Italian tune up." Obviously, this is an authentic Italian tune up as it is actually in Italy! Running the engine at high RPM for a short period of time can help remove carbon deposits and can help keep your engine...
  16. WheelNut

    Copper spark plugs -vs- others

    From an engineering/product planning perspective platinum et al plugs are spec'd from the factory on many vehicles now is the super long service life. If the plugs can survive the entire period the vehicle is under warranty then the manufacturer won't have to pay a technician to replace those...
  17. WheelNut

    H&R Spring Review

    I’ve got a set of these springs coming along with Bilstein 4600s. Also ordered from Essex. Good guys to deal with! I just Bilstein would provide more technical info on the dampers. I asked the guys at Essex and they don’t have much mor eof anything to add the what the Bilstein site has. The...
  18. WheelNut

    Stock Suspension Upgrade (No Lift)

    Okay, I can appreciate that there is accumulated wisdom here that comes from experience, but why add the additional bumpstop? Rubbing? Body roll? There must be some reason to do it.
  19. WheelNut

    Stock Suspension Upgrade (No Lift)

    Those Bilsteins he is using are the standard length units, right? (24139175) No mention of oversized tires, so why add an inch of bump stop in the rear? Is these something about these Bilsteins or OME springs that necessitate more bump stop?
  20. WheelNut

    Transmission and desert heat

    Keep in mind here that your 4x4 modes and control are separate from the transmission. All 4x4 matters are controlled by your transfer case, so if there is an issue with shifting from one 4x4 mode to another that generally won't be effected by the transmission. Also, and sorry to be pedantic...

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