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  1. WheelNut

    Fuel Economy

    Hey Folks, So, the cost of fuel is up to where it was back in 2019 and maybe then some. The Covid gas price crash couldn't last forever could it? I'm paying $1.90CDN/L ($5.71USD/Gal) right now in Vancouver BC. It's pretty painful! I've been averaging 15L/100km (15.7mpg) over the last year. That...
  2. WheelNut

    Word censorship?

    Is there a way to turn off the censorship of words on this forum? There are tons of random words that show up only as "*****" and this can make some posts tough to read as critical words will be censored. This forum isn't one that has a whole lot of lewd language, so this feature is more of a...
  3. WheelNut

    Starting issue and fuel filling problem

    Hi folks, An issue is just starting to crop up with my KJ lately. There are two things and they might be related: 1. Sometimes the truck is soow to start. It needs about an additional second of cranking or else the engine will stumble and die out. It seems like this might be worse when the fuel...
  4. WheelNut

    Seat swap options?

    I'd really love to swap out the seats in my '05 Sport to something else as I find them quite uncomfortable after an hour. What are my bolt in options? Any chance seats from a Grand Cherokee would fit? Are the seats from the '05+ Limited KJs the same as the Sport trim seats just with leather...
  5. WheelNut


    PLS delete. Server error resulted in a double post
  6. WheelNut

    Front prop shaft seized onto front diff: How to remove?

    Hey everybody, I am trying to get the steering rack out of my KJ and to do the service manual recommends dropping the front axle. Trouble is the front prop shaft seems to have securely attached itself to the input shaft on the front axle pinion. I've hit it with the little propane torch...
  7. WheelNut

    215/85R16 Tires?

    Hey Guys, Curious if anyone has ever run this tire size on their KJ? This is about the tallest and narrowest tire I can find for a 16" rim. With what I've read about clearance challenges for the KJ I wonder if this tire could be a good way to avoid rubbing while still getting a little bit of...
  8. WheelNut

    Competent mechanic in Vancouver?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a GOOD mechanic in Vancouver (or Burnaby or Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam) that actually has a clue about Jeeps and is familiar with the KJ? I've had the misfortune of having my KJ in a couple HORRIBLE shops already and I'm sick of fixing...
  9. WheelNut

    Rear Fender Flare Removal?

    Hey Folks, I'm curious about removing the rear fender flare rear section (number 4 in the image) on a KJ. My KJ was missing it's right rear flare when I bought it and I found a guy parting out a KJ locally. I need to get the fender flare off his parts truck. Curious if there are any tips or...
  10. WheelNut

    KJ Photo Thread

    Hey Guys, Lets see some photos of your KJs! I'm new to the KJ and I'm looking for some ideas and inspiration for mine. I'm slowing fixing mine up and once I've got the rims painted and a few other things I'll post up a photo of mine. If you've got a lift, or aftermarket wheels or other parts...
  11. WheelNut

    Very little heat- Diagnosing the source of the problem?

    Hi guys, First post here! I recently bought a $1000 KJ as my first 4x4 and she's a bit rough around the edges! I was looking for a nice XJ, but of course finding a 2-door manual that isn't wrecked is impossible and the KJ was definitely in my budget. Also, who doesn't like a project?! Oh, and I...

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