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  1. Elmer

    More front driveshaft issues..

    Hey guys, been a good while since I've visited KJ country. Hope everyone has been staying safe and enjoying their Libs! Anyway, I'm having an issue with my front driveshaft. In 2wd, it's fine. No issues. When I kick it into 4hi, driving straight, I get a clanging/clicking noise. I...
  2. Elmer

    Couple of Jeep pics from the DC Auto Show

    Was tough to get good pictures with all the people loitering but I did what I could. Really nothing too special, but still cool.
  3. Elmer

    WTS: Rear Tow Hook + mounting hardware

    SOLD! Thanks Wulfhound!
  4. Elmer

    KJ hitch that sits flush with bumper?

    I'm currently in the market for a rear hitch for my 05 KJ. I checked out the Uhaul hitch but didn't like how it stuck out past the bumper so far. Easily hooking up a trailer is not a concern to me as I'll mainly use the hitch for a cargo carrier for fishing/hunting/camping. Need a place to...
  5. Elmer

    New Treadwright M/T tread pattern available

    I am currently running a set of 245/75r16 Treadwright Guard Dog M/Ts and love them for the price. They have some vibrations at highway speed but nothing to write home over, and they're pretty noisy, but that's to be expected with any M/T. I just took a look at Treadwright's website and...
  6. Elmer

    HOW TO: Replace factory front tow hooks with dual hitch or D-rings

    Materials: -(2) factory tow hook mounting plates and hardware -(2) 6" square hitch receiver tubes (2"x2") -(2) shackle receivers -(2) 5/8" hitch pins of your choice -15mm ratcheting wrench -Welding gun or someone who knows how to weld -Self etching primer (optional) -Semi-gloss...
  7. Elmer

    WTB Husky Cargo Liner

    PM or reply here if you have one for sale. Prefer grey or black. Doesn't have to be Husky brand.
  8. Elmer

    WTS: 2 OEM tow hooks (without mounting plate)

    Selling 2 OEM tow hooks with bolts. No mounting plates. $50 + shipping OR BEST OFFER.
  9. Elmer

    Elmer's 2005 KJ Renegade Build

    Decided to start a member journal as a spot to keep all my pictures, log upgrades and maintenance, etc. 2005 Jeep KJ Renegade 3.7L V6 119,000 miles Modifications to date: 245/75r16 Treadwright Goodyear MTRs w/ Kevlar 16x7 Cragar Soft 8's OME 927/948 springs OME shocks 1 extra rear iso per...
  10. Elmer

    WTS: 2 JBA Rear Upper Coil Spring Isolator's

    ***SOLD***WTS: 2 JBA Rear Upper Coil Spring Isolator's SOLD! Brand new. One is still sealed in original packaging, the other is opened, but unused. $20 shipped.
  11. Elmer

    WTB: Skid Plates for 05 KJ

    Looking for all skid plates for a 2005 KJ. PM me if ya got any for sale. Thanks.
  12. Elmer

    Wtb: Np231

    Wtb: Np231 *DELETED* EDIT: Salvaged an NP231 from a local junk yard. Problem solved.
  13. Elmer

    JBA OME Kit - Instructions included?

    OME lift + New tires + New wheels UPDATE: Lift installed, no instructions necessary. Pictures are on page 3 ;)