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  1. kejobe

    Need some info

    Anything is possible with the time, knowledge, and money. So yes, it can be done. Will it be a direct drop in, no. And honestly, I don’t think it would be worth the hassle to even try.
  2. kejobe

    Noob question- alloy vs. steel

    Alloy vs steel...personal preference as far as looks. Steel is better for offroad as it will bend rather than crack and could possibly be bent back, or bent enough to get you home. Alloy will crack. No repairing on the trail.
  3. kejobe

    Garage Air Compressor

    ^^^This. Can also check marketplace and Craigslist. I have one equal to the one above, bought used off Craigslist about 10 years ago and still goes strong.
  4. kejobe

    Renegade lightbar

    Yes. Factory rubber weatherstrip.
  5. kejobe

    265/70/16 on steel wheels ? 2.5” lift

    Trial and error. I have 265/70/16 on stock alloy wheels. They work for me. They might for you. Have one mounted and installed and see if they will. If so, mount and balance.
  6. kejobe

    Renegade lightbar

    ‘04 Renegade...
  7. kejobe

    2006 Jeep Liberty Rocker Panel help

    I did. Here is the thread:
  8. kejobe

    Rear axle 2004 liberty

    Mine has the factory limited slip. And at 150,000ish miles it still works great. On the other hand, I had a ‘13 Wrangler with the factory lsd with 30,000ish miles and it didn’t work for sh1t.
  9. kejobe

    3inch lift kit questions

    I have 2.5”ish lift and have 265/70/16 on the stock wheels. They rubbed the pinch so that WILL need to be addressed. Other than that they should work. I had other rubbing issues but the Jeep was in 3 accidents prior to my purchase, 2 on the left front and one on right front. As mentioned, a...
  10. kejobe

    Rattle on drivers side

    White smoke is usually coolant getting in the cylinders and "trying" to burn. Without actually looking at it, I can only guess that there are 2 issues goin on. 1) The insides came loose in the catalytic converter, if the noise is from the inside of it. And 2) The head gasket is bad, allowing...
  11. kejobe

    Limiting turning radius

    There is no adjustment for the steering limit. The only thing you can do IF you actually want to limit the steering angle is to build up some weld at the limit contact point on the knuckle/spindle or lower control arm. I did this when I got new tires after purchasing the Jeep, BUT only because...
  12. kejobe

    KK wheels on KJ

    From a quick search, seems both the KJ and KK have a 71.5 center bore.
  13. kejobe

    Cv axle problem
  14. kejobe

    Front crank seal

    I did a few. Used a 2 jaw puller to remove the pulley. Flat head screwdriver to get the old seal out. Small hammer to tap around the seal till it was in place. Just be careful not to kink or warp the seal. Make sure it starts and goes in as straight as possible. Put pulley on and tapped it on...
  15. kejobe

    Oil light came on

    If the light is in at low rpm and off at higher rpm’s, it is possible the oil pump is starting to go and not provide the necessary flow/pressure at the lower rpm’s. First I would clean the connector and sensor at the electrical connection. Use a zip tie of something to keep the connection...
  16. kejobe

    Engine Timing Set

    Cloyes is a long time brand that as far as I have seen has a good reputation. I've used their parts before without issue.
  17. kejobe

    wheel skins ??

    Those are for steel wheels, which, if you have, would be black or possibly silver from the factory. But they would work if your wheels are the same style. If you have alloys, no they will not work. As far as durability, who knows how well they'd do. I'd venture to guess, not so well...
  18. kejobe

    Factory Lightbar

    Factory location for the switch is to the left of the steering wheel, below the vent in the rectangle trim piece.
  19. kejobe

    Renegade roof lights?

    Adjustable up and down. Alt should be fine. Beam is more spot, not much flood. If fact, I personally can’t tell the difference between the roof lights and high beam headlights. Except for the reflection on the hood and windshield.

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