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  1. DadOSix

    No parts available

    Post up the part numbers!
  2. DadOSix

    Had a used engine put in, pretty sure something is missing.

    Just ordered 2 sets myself. 04 gets done asap.
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    The great ball joint debate

    well ****! Why didn't I see this a few days ago? Got a few 80767 still in the box for the 06 and ordered a pair of 3199 for the 04. go figure! I'd be done by now except I chewed up the axle spindle nut whilst driving out the left half shaft. Dealer only here - monday afternoon !
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    Won't start, weird sound.

    I did realize the solenoid is serviceable as a separate item these days.
  5. DadOSix

    Won't start, weird sound.

    starter not engaging the flywheel. Take it off (starter) and look at the teeth. Either they are torn up ( not likely ) or the Bendix (gizmo that throws the starter gear into the flywheel ) is shot. Bad bendix = new starter. Teeth torn up = new starter and better look at the flywheel too.
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    KJ Blend door actuator and AC light ??

    search up a heater core / evap core r&r thread on here. It is not hard - but it is time consuming. before tearing into it, why not check both systems. i know this sounds childish but - is the heater core even connected? If this is a new to you jeep, many temporarily shunted the coolant path...
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Sounds a bit like my -4 kj. son has her away from home at school. cruises into Rodanthe on vacation with the rear brakes shot. rear brakes on the beach complete with rotors and caliper should be gtg. but then, i find no lining on the park brake shoes. so set up the parts to do that...
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    Just Joined Have Some Jeep Parts to Sell

    Not too hard to get there. find a couple topics you have interest in and participate. It goes quick!
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    2004 Liberty running hot **SOLVED**

    Follow top radiator hose back to the block. usually an 8mm head allen ***** there. couldn’t get loose on 04 kj. 06 came out good and proper
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    Just Joined Have Some Jeep Parts to Sell

    Aha! 5 days minimum and 50 posts.
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    Just Joined Have Some Jeep Parts to Sell

    There is some limit of posts/time you need to reach before the software will allow it. i had it in a pm, but can’t locate it presently.
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    2006 Liberty Sport 4x4 - Total Parking Brake Rebuild For $68

    That project is a work of art! I am getting into the parking brake on my 04 kj this weekend. Son took her to the beach and I ended up doing rear brake rotor, pads and caliper at the rental house with very few tools. He lives away now and told him she needs to be in my garage this weekend -...
  13. DadOSix

    My trusty Cobra just let the smoke out! Suggestions Please!

    I’d suggest it is likely some capacitors that have gone bad. you’d need what we used to have all around. Techs who can work to component level. do you know anyone around your area who does electronic repair? Guitar amps? Electronic organ tech? Ham radio club? someone of that calibre...
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Brakes at the beach! my son brings his/my 04 kj along on vacation. He lives away in metro baltimore. dad - this jeep makes a noise when i put on the brakes. check it out, yeah it does! rr rotor scored up. we are staying 20 miles from everywhere in the outer banks. 1 hr rt for pads and...
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    First vehicle that's actually mine. 05 Liberty. Have a few questions.

    Watch that video some more. The first 2 bolts you take off are the caliper mounting bolts. They secure caliper to the bracket. a sticking caliper is usually crusty caliper slide pins - where you took off the bolts. Those flat metal pins should slide and rotate freely with little tension. If...
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    Oil pressure warning light 2005 Jeep Liberty

    The sensors get gummed up from time to time. Can take it out and clean it up, but if going that far, just as well to replace.
  17. DadOSix

    window does not work metal cable comes out through plastic tube

    Unfortunately, no one I know has found an affordable replacement for that tubing. I suspect it is just like polyethylene flexible water line. I did not have any luck finding an exact fit. On any parts yard run , i take a booster pack and search the available kj donors for good regulators. I...
  18. DadOSix

    Rough Idle/Bright Red Exhaust

    Looks like your Catalytic converter is plugged. That would result in poor running. ALA the old school trick of shoving a potato in the exhaust of a 'friends' car.
  19. DadOSix

    PCI wire aftermarket radio install

    Meanwhile - have a look at this: