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  1. kejobe

    Balance beads General Question

    Quick question. Wife has a '12 Murano that we just had tires put on (265/60/18 Nokian Rotivva a/t's). She likes them, which is want matters, but at highway speeds they shake the whole car. 3 oz. of balance beads were put in each tire. Now, here's the question...Can different brands of...
  2. kejobe

    It has started!! Rocker sliders!!

    As title states, I have started fabing my rocker sliders. The rockers are/were rusted out and I figured I'd build them up a bit. MATERIALS: 1.5" x 3.5" x 3/16" rectangle 1" x 1" x 3/16" angle 3" x 3/16" flat stock Lengths are cut to fit. Started by removing the doors. Then cut the old...
  3. kejobe

    Front driveshaft bad...Confirmation??

    Looking for confirmation that I need to rebuild the front shaft. I'm not completely familiar with the cv joints in them. I can rebuild it without issue, just want to make sure the movement is not normal. There is fore and aft play that I think is normal, but no the rotational. Also, this is the...
  4. kejobe

    How To - Door chime delete

    First off, I had searched and found that there was no information on how to delete the door chime. All I came up with was to close the latch or pull the key out one notch. Now, it is the same chime for the TPMS alert also. Which would constantly yell at me for low pressure. I run 33 PSI and...