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    1. Bradley k
      Bradley k
      Any help replacing valve seats seals or basic tips for doing it correctly I would love to hear
    2. boboborino
      Hello Shaggy, I'm not sure if you'll get this as i know you must be busy with the changeovers. Anyhow, I can not reply to threads! Unlike this message that says "start typing" I do not see that next to my signature on the threads? What am I missing?
    3. macinnis.js
      Thanks Shaggy, This 06 Liberty I have has been very reliable for the 8 years I have owned it. These forums have been very helpful in the past for other vehicle's I have owned. Thanks for the welcome.
    4. 03KJ Newbie
      03KJ Newbie
      Thanks Shaggy! 03KJ Newbie Here... Gonna have lots of questions to come...
    5. Winka
      Hi Shaggy thanks for the welcome , I hope to join in some usefull posts.
    6. nbas
      Hi Shaggy
      i've just made a mistake and put a new thread under KK General Discussion, whereas it should be under KJ General Discussion. Can I move it or delete it?
    7. jhofle
      hello, i purchased last year an used 07 Liberty sport. the previous owner seems he/she removed the chime for the doors/ lights on/ low fuel / seat belt on/ etc. I know sounds crazy but I want to get one and find the location to reinstall it. can anyone help me find one and is it a buzzer on a relay that turns the buzzer on? also I check the fuses locations and cannot find a fuse for the chime. I can always deactivate the chime using the instructions but I find it to be useful for the rest of the jobs.
      thank you.
    8. jhofle
      thank you.
    9. jaellaspride
      hi everyone i am a newbie thank you for accepting me
      i have a jeep liberty 2006 could i use the OE rims of a 2013 jeep Rubicon on it?
    10. Agmurk
      I am new here. I am trying to figure, something out, my 2010 jeep liberty, all four windows won't go down I had drove it twice yesterday and when I drove it the first time the windows worked fine. Now none of them will go down and the power mirror won't move either and the fuses are good. Does anyone have idea it might be?
    11. VAPoorBoy
      Just bought an 2004 Renegade so this is new territory to me. Had a 1988 4Runner for years but had to sell it because of a move. Hope to get the Liberty up to par with what my Yota was. Thanks
    12. w2bajo
      w2bajo trying to figure this out...
    13. talclipse
      Opps i made a typo and didn't proof read to catch user name should have been talclipse not tlclipse..any help would be appreciated.Thanks
    14. Slims
      You the same shaggy that owns truckmodcentral?
    15. jaac62
      Hola tengo una jeep cherokee liberty limited automatica 4x4 2006. Recien le cambienla caja de velocidad. Solo le he captado dos posibles problemas. A: Luego de un buen dia de recorrido, al pararme en un semaforo pare y voy arrancar, se duerme o como si fuera de carburador, pareciera que se ahoga. B: Creo que es cuestion de centrar la palanca, sucede que al estar en drive y paso a reversa si no centro bien la palanca queda como nula la velocidad. Que podra ser todo esto. Gracias.
    16. MJ's 03 KJ
      MJ's 03 KJ
      Thanks! Bought my Renegade new in 2003. It now has 184,000 far I have only had to replace 1 set of brakes (2nd set to be put on in the next couple weeks); new water pump last summer (@150,000 kms) and that's it for major repairs so far *knock on wood* Liberty has been great so far, however, a small rad leak just started and now a clicking noise from the center CV shaft. Can't complain though..10 years old...I just want to make the necessary repairs and enjoy it
    17. CRD FunFinder
      CRD FunFinder
      Thank you, I just got a CRD limited 2006 and i like a lot your forum.
      I would like to know a little more about this new toy.
    18. KellyJames
      They wife and i just got a 2003 Jeep Liberty 4X4 3.7L, we are looking at options for lifting and all other add on's for this model any info would be great. thank you
    19. RedCRDLTD
      Just got 2006 CRD LTD W/86,000mi. Enjoying the D-life so far. Would love to hear more about about the Green Diesel Eco Tune.
    20. maroonkj
      Hey everyone just got a 04 Liberty 4wd with 3.7l engine. Need help to make her look more aggressive! Can anyone help? And thanks shaggy for the welcome!
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