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    2002 Jeep KJ rear clunking noise FINALLY cured!!!

    2nd one in 3 years. You can put it I park and have someone (if you can’t do it yourself but I managed to) rock the Jeep back and forth. You can see the drive line move up and down and see the body bushings move back and forth. I’ll upload a video. Probably easiest test I can think of.
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    Pot holes cause heavy shudder in suspension

    Anyone still find the censorship here acceptable ? ***
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    Rusted rocker recommendations

    Buy replacement rocker panels . I only needed the out side not inner. Cut. Spot weld. Fill. Sand. Spray a chip resistant coating like bedliner. I’ve seen two types of panels. One that looks pretty simple and seems to be a “patch” style. The other had the B pillar and C pillar parts attached. If...
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    MOPAR 5066056AB vs MOPAR 5066056AA

    I replaced mine and used the metal bearing. It’s a 2002 and came with it and no way would I waste my time installing plastic
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    Replacing stolen catalytic converter

    I think they cut below the v band clamps if that’s a 2002. But you will need a new Y pipe which in itself is an issue. They call that Y pipe a cat too because it has the unmonitored cat at the far end of it before the muffler. Even if you got some cheap ones off eBay or used oem whatever-...
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    Cat back exhaust

    Says a lot about aftermarket parts. Honestly it makes the stigma that buying a used car is a money pit. Let me tell you I’ve done the cat back (cats replaced too) since 2018-19 and this year I had to have the exhaust welded up in multiple spots. So would you expect that from a Jeep you bought...
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    SOLVED: (I think) PICS of my VERY chewed-up 3.7 counterbalance shaft sprocket. Now what?

    Wow. Nice work ! Thanks for posting back with the answer
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    Transfer Case Swap

    Part time is a beast in the snow/mud….
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    The 03 1st day , just bought

    Love em all
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    Word censorship?

    Adding to the list. It blocked the word “ vul” “gar”
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    Word censorship?

    I honestly hate it and feel it’s over reaching. Our community doesn’t need it and if and when there is a post with ****** words the mods can act fast and remove it. The amour of traffic here these days - I’m sure the mods wouldn’t have to work any extra overtime ….
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    It’s a die hard brand. New as of last year. Using the 2003 style in the 2002
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Anyone wanna take a crack at this ? Considering all coils plugs are new. Doesn’t happen when warm out. Only when it’s super cold or rain/wet. Time for a new ecu?
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    And the cold start cold weather misfires are back. Shut off. Wait. Start up. Gone. Seriously nothing about this Chrysler / Jeep product makes sense.
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Replaced the wheel bearings with Mopar brand 4 years ago maybe. They are still listed under “economy” on rock auto site. That confused me a little as you would think being Mopar it would not be ranked among the cheap ones-but I bought them anyways. Now for most of the year they have been howling...