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  1. 8100LT
    8100LT ThunderbirdJunkie
    Hi Thunderbird, 8100LT (Steve M) here in NW Cincinnati area. Where do you recommend an alignment? [email protected]
  2. nomorework
    nomorework tommudd
    I am sure you have answered this many times but I am installing Old Man Emu 927/948 springs and am wondering if I should match them with Emu Nitrogen shocks or Sport shocks. Jeep is an 03 and is my daily driver and lift is for bigger tires.
  3. Mark Schulte
    Mark Schulte
    Installed a Fuel filler Pipe with a check valve to prevent gas tank splash back. Worked like a charm.
  4. LibertyTC
    LibertyTC Mike Duschl
    Welcome, Feel free to make a new post in the introduction section MIke!
  5. Mike Duschl
    Mike Duschl
    Recently bought a 2006 KJ limited. Was from AZ most of its life, the body is in really great shape.
  6. birddog2!
    birddog2! Michael Donovan
    Would you mind sending me an email @ [email protected] so I can get more info on the bumper?
  7. onesik86
    onesik86 tommudd
    Hi Tom. I currently drive a 06’ 3.7l. I just found a 02’ 2.4l at the junkyard with 4.10 gearing in the rear. My questions are the junkyard rear end is drums. My 06’ is discs. Is buying the junkyard 4.10’s worth it to put in my 06’ or should I just wait and buy a locker and gears down the road for the rear? Or is it worth buying it because I’ll need the axles and any other parts to convert to 4.10 gearing?
  8. cjw3cma
    New to us 2005 Liberty and we are so pleased with our purchase.
  9. Kurt72401
    Anyone had a problem with 3 in lifts causing damage to their front drive axles. I'm first time 4x4 owner, mechanic told me to remove lifts
  10. Mike Terry
    Mike Terry
    I gotta get a JEEP in the woods again...
  11. Mytmouse
    Mytmouse csukoh78
    Could you PLEASE send pictures from your wonderful write up HOW TO: Pound pinch welds, stop fender rubbing...
    Discussion in 'How To' started by csukoh78, Dec 9, 2007. Pictures on thread no longer show.
    I'm looking to finish off an 05 Libby and your write up on the pinch weld mod sounds clean and not look like a hack job like others...
  12. matt&marshaSDuff
  13. Ppo
    I would like to know if you are still selling the "HOT DIESEL SOLUTIONS MODEL 001 ENGINE THERMOSTAT ASSEMBLY" and what is the price of it.
  14. Jason Randleman
    Jason Randleman Rennagade
    Where did you get your roof basket? I like it. It seems to be a lot wider than any I can currently find. Thank you!
  15. airlinesreservationsdeal
  16. airlinesreservationsdeal
    Bio Etihad cancellation policy - Read how to cancel etihad flight booking within 24 hour and how to get refund on cancellation.
  17. LibertyTC
    LibertyTC waya
    Excellent -Welcome!
    Feel free to make a post in the KJ general discussion section for any questions you may have or even the introduction section near top of page to say hello!
  18. waya
    workin on sprucing up now.
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  19. waya
    just bought a 03 renegade
  20. Hugh Phillips
    Hugh Phillips
    I know where the sensors are located. And all recalls have been done on the jeep. But i can't get the stupid airbag light to shut off.