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  1. TRRC
    Starting build
  2. Chad Smalley
    How much are they I am new to the site
  3. Benji
    Benji Codad
    Did u try a different tcu in ur liberty? If so how did it work? Thanks Benji
  4. MKehrman
    Planing to.take my jeep for a wash!
  5. Stasquatch
    Weird grinding/ clunking when braking in reverse. Any ideas? No noise when just moving in reverse, just when braking.
    1. Stasquatch
      New here so I'm not sure where to ask for help.
      Jul 30, 2019
  6. ltd02
    I don't feel tardy...
  7. jeep lover
    jeep lover tommudd
    my car jeep liberty kk 2008, i can't found the cabin air filter. very bad air inlet during A/C using.
  8. Eric_Lee
    Lock, cocked, and ready to soak up this forums wisdom.
  9. liron sasson
    liron sasson eyehatetofu
    hi i want to ask you fixed the p0740
  10. JL2003
    How to pull a clutch master cylinder? I tried pulling the brake booster which is in-front of it - but gets hung up on wires beneath it.
    1. JL2003
      I ordered a new clutch master slave assembly. I'm thinking about bolting the new master cylinder on somewhere else on the firewall. Forget about the old one.
      Jun 12, 2019
  11. Cristina Bettencourt
    Cristina Bettencourt Idaho08KK
    Hi there- do you have any type of link for the mopar bumper guard I’ve been searching everywhere
  12. Allen Keller
    Allen Keller Conundrum2006
    I saw you posted about an engine swap in a Commander and was hoping you could give me some guidance on a similar issue. I have a 2008 Commander with a bad motor. They are impossible to find in my area, however there are a lot of Liberty's with 3.7s at a local junk yard. Will those swap in without issue, or will it require a lot of mods with sensors/wiring etc.? Thanks for your help!
  13. Kjackblack
    How to add profile pic
    Fuel pump. Has 50psi at all times
    2002 jeep liberty 3.7L Engine. Starts runs then dies !! Head replaced-new crank, cam, right - up/down o2 sensors, keeps blowing asd fuse.
  16. TheSodaFountain
    TheSodaFountain tommudd
    Hello, I have an 05 KJ looking to do an OME lift, some spacers, ARB rear locker, full skid row armor underneath, and 235/75r16 tires. Will I need a regear with this added weight? Thanks.
  17. dwill921
    dwill921 Dave
    Hi! My name is David Williams and I'm trying to reach the owner of this forum. Do you own this forum?


  18. profdlp
    Plotting Insurrection
  19. boboborino
    boboborino Shaggy
    Hello Shaggy, I'm not sure if you'll get this as i know you must be busy with the changeovers. Anyhow, I can not reply to threads! Unlike this message that says "start typing" I do not see that next to my signature on the threads? What am I missing?
  20. 04Liberty
    04Liberty dillon
    Check your pm's lol