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    Looking for info on transmissions! Help- 2004 Liberty sport 3.7 4x4 auto transmission
  2. DadOSix
    DadOSix jeeptorino68
  3. Brendon Holt
    Brendon Holt tommudd
  4. Mator1988
    New to Jeep world
  5. Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith
    Have a 2003 Liberty Renegade with 280,000 miles on it. Decided to make it my ride or die college vehicle. I have no idea where to start
  6. TorrentIV
    Love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down. Tells you she's hurting 'fore she keens. Makes her a home.
  7. jplantz3
    Hello, New member. Adding parts and mods to my 2008 jeep liberty
  8. Richard Aleman
  9. ltd02
    You may be able to slide it part way onto the BD post and rotate the blend doors. They should move freely. If not they could be binding.
  10. casinodealer
    casinodealer mikemar2020
    HI mikemar2020!
    I just read your thread and you make more sense than tearing your jeep half apart just to replace a 75.00 Heater core.
    My question is: How is your jeep holding up since you did your procedure?
    Has the leak re-appeared?
  11. CWBenjamin
    CWBenjamin ltd02
    Hey could you tell me, when installing a new blend door actuator, is it supposed to fit where the gear is already lined up on the hvac panel, or do you have to open up the new actuator and rotate it to fit?
  12. KevinHowe04
    Hey all , I have 2004 liberty. Not sure how to install speakers in rear of jeep.
  13. Luis E. Perez
    Luis E. Perez Apex
    Hi Apex, where did you buy the set of fenders flares for your Liberty?
    1. Apex
      Luis, I bought them at a local junkyard and on eBay.
      Apr 28, 2020
  14. Presley
    Have a stock height 04 kJ wanting to lift and put my 33 12.50s on it what all is recommend to replace and how high does it need to be
  15. Presley
    new to the Jeep game, I have an 04kj how can I ask for info and get answers, 140 characters max here, I can’t really explain, in so few wrds
  16. Wendi
    Wendi jeepkj581
    Check your cold air if air is not cold then it is your ac clutch relay and you will need relay and ac fluid to recharged then it
  17. Brad Wyman
    Brad Wyman Ian Skolnick
    Who makes your front bumper. You have a great looking jeep.
  18. David Ruozi
    David Ruozi
    New to the group, have owned several jeeps, could use some electrical advice with the issues I'm having on the 2008 KK
  19. David Ruozi
    David Ruozi BrittanyDee_KJ
    We have the same birthday
  20. little green machine
    little green machine
    2006 sport, stock for now, lifting soon, stripped all the plastic off