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  1. hejeeps
    hejeeps jeeptorino68
    Hi, I saw your post on the heater core replacement for an 02 KJ. I’m new to this website, and not sure if possible, but is there any way for me see the pictures that were supposed to go with that post? On my end, They are little photos with an X. It would be a huge help if you could share. Thx
  2. Stephen
    Happy days
  3. Mobez27
    I have a 2005 liberty, 3.7 ltr v6. I just replaced injector 4,now fuel is leaking from top of injector 3. Is it o rings, or injector?
  4. nohitter64
    nohitter64 jeeptorino68
    shipping of the radio with USPS is $15 to $20 depending on how much packing I use. The unit is 4" x 9" x 7" and weighs about 4 lb.
  5. Wendy Vazquez
    Wendy Vazquez
    I am my own mechanic so any help and advice is truly appreciated!! ✌
  6. Gerald Thomas
  7. Chris or Gary Schachel
    Chris or Gary Schachel
    2006 Jeep Liberty CRD purchased in 2007 green des eng & trans program fuel pump in tank arb bumper 2.5 exhaust 250 amp Alltin t
  8. Matt B
    Matt B
    New and happy to be here
  9. Matt B
    Matt B Billwill
    Bill will, you recently posted that wiring diagrams for the 07 Liberty were impossible to find. Why is that? I am installing a back up camera and trying to find the reverse signal wire.
  10. DakMack
    I'm new to the site here and thanks much for having me.. I have a 2005 KJ 3.7l auto 4x4.. Reside in MD in them thar hills
  11. JJam2112
    JJam2112 Myke
    Hi I’m interested in the JBA coilover springs. Let me know if still available my email is [email protected]
  12. JJam2112
    JJam2112 krisP
    Hi Kris. Do you still have the 4 x guard front guard? I’m Interested if so. My email is [email protected]
  13. Lesman
    Lesman Verification
    Love my 2004 just hit 239,000 miles.
  14. Wayward Industries
    Wayward Industries J33Pfan
    I have a scissor jack kit from an 06 if you’re interested.
  15. Wayward Industries
    Wayward Industries renegade 04
    I have a stock air box if you’re still interested.
  16. Wayward Industries
    Wayward Industries yippee
    I have a set of the wheels you’re looking for with tires on them.
  17. Muddawg19
    02 liberty w/ a clunking noise, done complete brake job & rebuilt calipers but noise is still there, could it b rear cv on front driveshaft
  18. Brady W
    Brady W csukoh78
    Can you send pics of your great description of how to modify the wheel wells/fog lamp door. Pics no longer show on the forum, finishing up a 2003 kj for my son. Thanjs!
  19. dwill888
    dwill888 Bennett
    Hey Bennett! I'm trying to reach the owner of this forum, do you own it?

  20. Itchy
    Itchy fouros
    Hey Fouros
    I know it’s been a long time since you did your light bar plugin post but would you still have the pics of where the switch socket is located and the socket for the the light bar ? I’ve got an 04 Ltd kJ down in the snowy mountains NSW I would like to fit some more light to please