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Changed Out Fog Light Bulbs for LED's

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Sorry, no pics, but I bought a set of LED bulbs for my 08 KK's fog lights and changed them ...

How to Section for the KK

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Default Changed Out Fog Light Bulbs for LED's

Sorry, no pics, but I bought a set of LED bulbs for my 08 KK's fog lights and changed them out last night. Wow is the word.

I buy all of my LED's from www.superbrightleds.com because they sell good quality stuff with a solid warranty and they are based in St. Louis.

Started by removing the grill by popping up the retainers on top of the grill and the splash guard right in back of it. Just lift the center of each button up with a flat screwdriver then pull the whole thing out. The grill is then only held in place by a few clips you may have to depress above the headlights and pop loose with a butter knife at the lower outside corner of the headlight housing.

Once the grill is off, 3 Torx bolts hold each headlight housing in place. Remove these and disconnect the headlight bulb by pulling out a little clip on the connector and unplugging, then on the foglight by lifting up on a little clip and unplugging.

With the housing free, each fog light bulb twists out. The new bulbs only fit in one way so you know you have it right when it fits. Plug the new bulbs in and test them before you bolt the housing back in. If they don't work, reverse the plug 180 degrees since the bulbs are polarity sensitive.

Reinstall everything in reverse. Tighten but don't overtighten the headlight housings. Push in the grill retainer clip base then push in the center button to lock each one.

Note: bright white LED's in the fog housings are not for everyone. I don't get fog or snow, where a yellow bulb would likely work better. I just need bright wide angle white light.

I'm now pulling 13 watts per bulb instead of 45 and they are really bright. Just thought I'd contribute this.

John B.
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One thing that may not be readily apparent until you study it about the fog light reflectors on the KK. One mounting tab is "clocked" 90 degrees off from the other. If you look carefully at it from the front of the vehicle, you'll see what I mean.

This probably doesn't mean a whole lot to halogen bulbs, since their output is pretty much 360 degrees around the outside of the bulbs, but LEDs fire out of two sides, primarily. When you install the new LED bulbs, you notice the orientation difference, as in, one looks vertical and the other horizontal.

Fortunately, the output spread of the reflector is such that it doesn't make a noticeable difference. The light ends up filling in under the headlight's beams anyway, and the pattern is quite wide.

Thought I would point this difference out in case anybody else replaced theirs and wondered why the bulbs ended up with a different orientation to one another (they only fit in one way because of the mounting/retaining tabs.

John B.

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