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EVIC Bracket Installation

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I have an '07 Libby and bought an EVIC and mounting bracket (since 05+ does not have the bracket installed ...

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Default EVIC Bracket Installation

I have an '07 Libby and bought an EVIC and mounting bracket (since 05+ does not have the bracket installed from the factory.) None of the instructions that I have found address the installation of the mounting bracket, only the EVIC. I suppose this is because the instructions were written for the 02-04 Libbys which have the bracket already installed.

My question is "How the heck do you install the bracket under the headliner?" It's huge! It sure won't go through the hole that I am going to cut in the headliner for the EVIC...or will it? Or do I have to take out the sun visors and pull the liner down and slip it in?


PS What tape do you suggest for attaching the bracket? I'm out in the desert where the outside temp can get to 120F in the summer. Imagine what the temp on the surface of the roof gets in July!
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Well, that can be tricky depending on how you choose to do it. For one, the bracket is molded to fit against the roof just right and you will realize it once it is positioned, but it isn't like there are indentations it just fits snugly against. I positioned mine by cutting a couple inches out of the headliner forward of the stock lights, as in towards the windshield so that the hole was enlarged enough to get it in there, without doing damage to an area that may not get cut later. At the same time, you need to be preserving the original reading lamps hole so that you can gauge where they go. Once you can get the bracket in there, position it over the reading lamps and snap them into the two tab holes that the EVIC also snaps into and slide the reading lamps into their proper position. This is why you needed to preserve the original shape of their hole. Hold it in place and mark with chalk or something on the roof where the bracket is now positioned. I marked it through the 2 square holes about halfway down the bracket. Just trace out two corners of the holes so you can come back later and align them to that point. Remove the stock reading lamps now and put some squirts of silicone caulk (I just used it since I had a bunch of the black contractor stuff and it is heat resistant into the 200 range) on the spots that say glue here and slip it into place and apply some pressure for a minute or two, maybe more depending on what you use et voila! trim off the headliner from there as the tutorial already says.

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Hi all, I know this is an old thread , I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to understand and make sure I get all the necessary parts and information for installing an EVIC in my New to me 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport as well.

This looks like a good one.
***So beside the ambient temp sensor, do I also need the bracket to attach to the 05 roof too ? From what I'm reading I think the 05 does not have a bracket to attach ths EVIC to?
If I do, what do I search for, or what is the part number?
I thought the difference in getting an early than 05 EVIC was just that you have to rearrange the connector wires...??


Not sure it's the same interior color. In some pictures it does look like my color, but in other pic it looks more tan.... I believe mine is more of a pewter color, my build sheet says -J3 Khaki .
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Well reading through ALL these threads on EVIC installs, I went ahead and ordered a console retainer bracket p/n 5072348AA for $22 +s&h. Now my only things are from reading all these threads, I'm not sure if the EVIC I ordered from Ebay is right for my 05, and if it has the wire harness or at least the connector for me to make my own harness.
I sent a note to the seller asking, but I'm not expecting a quick response.
It figures that the plug/harness is hard to find, and expensive. Worse case I think I read, I can make something from an old floppy drive connector or something.

Funny thing is, this all started just because I didn't want the annoying horn chirp when locking the doors with the key fob.
Which I already fixed by following this :

To DISABLE (cancel) the horn chirp feature,
Press and hold the transmitter LOCK button for four to ten seconds.
While pressing the LOCK button in, press the PANIC button.
Release both buttons.

Worked like a charm.

But now I'm hooked/determined to get this EVIC with all the other features and programming choices it offers.... And spending more $$$$ that I didn't intend on.

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Ok, I think I'm ok - ok not great, but ok.
Looking closer at the Ebay EVIC pictures I see the connectors for the lights AND the EVIC with small stubs of wire out of each. Maybe just enough for me to solder 4 wire trailer wiring to.

And according to the "Installing an OTIS" how to web page it's the latest EVIC #56042756AJ

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Dag nab it - so the console retainer bracket p/n 5072348AA I order online, came back as cancelled order due to discontinued part.
So I guess my search for another console retainer bracket p/n 5072348AA is back on.

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Default Please Help identify correct part

Ok, I went to my local auto wreckers and they came back with this (see below link for pictures).....

I'm not 100% sure - they said it came out of a Cherokee.

Is this what the retainer bracket is supposed to look like ? The numbers on it don't look like the p/n number I got from the threads here...
Please advise?

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If that is the correct retainer bracket (I'll know for sure when my EVIC from EBAY arrives, I suppose) how has the 3m tape method work out in the long run through hot & cold temps for you guys?
If not someone suggested to me to use E6000 glue.....

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Just an update - I've up to date with this EVIC / Bracket saga on the HOW TO Thread:

HOW TO: Install an EVIC or OTIS (overhead computer)


EVIC for '05 Renegade 3.7l??

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Nice! Thanks for the tip, Mytmouse! Would definitely check that out as well.

By the way, new guy here as well. I'm usually found at home, feeding my Pomeranian with some treats and watching TV with my wife. And when we're not indoors, we would play catch in our backyard with our dog (though we had to secure one of those petsafe Stay+Play wireless dog fence, just so he wouldn’t stray far from our yard. Our neighbor had a weak wooden partition, and we once had an argument when the poor fella ended up on his lawn). Such a simple, yet, happy life. Cheers!

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