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Codes P0837 and P0838 how to clear

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ok so I have another thread about cruise control but I want to zero in on clearing these two codes, ...

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Default Codes P0837 and P0838 how to clear

ok so I have another thread about cruise control but I want to zero in on clearing these two codes, P0837 and P0838. These would point to a faulty transaxle sensor which I have replaced and all the Lo, Partime time lights work again as expected on the dash. I bought a Bluetooth code reader and using the software it is reporting NO CURRENT CODES in the ECM. Using the 3x ignition trick I am still showing those two codes.

So how do I clear these codes if there are not in the ECM? I've got right at 55 miles on the Liberty since replacing the sensor, will it self clear?
2002 Jeep Liberty
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The 2002 KJs are notorious for difficulty in reading the DTC codes!
This is because it uses a PCI Bus as apposed to the later year KJs that use mainly CAN, SSCI and a little bit of PCI Busses.

My 2002 Export CRD has a Bosch ECM and when I went to a local Bosch Shop to have my codes read the Technician took one look at the ECM and shook his head.

I have seen plenty posts where 2002 KJ owners have had problems finding a code reader that works on their Jeeps so maybe your Reader is not working as regards PCI.

I also use the "key" method to pull codes out of my ECM but this method is known to have some limitations....one of these limitations is that the last two digits are often transposed so your P0837 code could actually be a P0873 code which does exist!
The other limitation is that the key method does not clear codes.

Searching your codes on the Interweb pulls out lots of contradictory causes...from the codes being stored in the TCM and not the PCM, wiring or grounding errors etc.
I have not found codes P0837/P0838 listed on any of the KJ sites or in any of the KJ Service Manuals.....only as generic Chrysler codes.

So I think you need to have the Dealers clear the code or find an advanced code reader that can actually read PCI codes from your PCM or maybe this is a Red Herring!
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