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Cheap AC Bypass **PICTURE**

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I found this post very helpful recently. The pictures and advice worked great. I did end up pulling the compressor ...

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Old 05-07-2013, 06:51 AM   #51 (permalink)

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I found this post very helpful recently. The pictures and advice worked great. I did end up pulling the compressor completely as it's toast, luckily I caught it before it ceased up. I have an 03 Libby and used the 82.5 in belt. I had to cross match it for the non AC wrangler 02-07 I believe, since the guy at Autozone couldn't look up belts by size and the part numbers I found were wrong. In any event I am driving again.

Also, does anyone know if a knocking/ticking sound that seems to be coming from the front passenger side of the engine is something to be concerned about? I have 161,000 miles and it's gradually become a bit louder. It burns about a qt of oil per 3000 mile change. From what I've read online there isn't one main cause (pretty much with most engines), but some mentioned values or maybe lifters. Maybe it will go another 50,000 like this, but who knows. Finally, would it be worth rebuilding and what good shops or companies are out there for this type of work? I hate to see the paid off Libby go, and it's a blast to drive and has been mechanically sound since I bought it with 81,000 on it.


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For what it's worth for anyone else looking into doing this...

My wife drives a 2003 Liberty 3.4L. The A/C bearing failed providing us with an AWFUL smell. I pulled the clutch and the pulley -- the bearing was clearly destroyed. Trying to remove the bearing myself, I destroyed it further and now the outer race is totally stuck in the pulley. I brought the pulley to three shops in town and nobody would press the outer race, one shop even said it looked like it fused right to the pulley. I bit the bullet and bought a new clutch/pulley(w/pressed bearing)/coil assembly from Amazon for about $120 shipped. (In case you are able to press out your bearing, Autozone via eBay has the right one in stock and I was able to pick up in store -- but I had to end up returning it anyway due to the seized outer race)

It's going to take 7-10 days to get here and I can't leave the Jeep where it is (moving in the next week) so I also have to buy a belt to bypass the A/C clutch so that I can move the car around and bring a few boxes out to storage...

I want to report that for this model, the 82.5" belt is definitely TOO SHORT. I maxed out the tensioner and couldn't get this thing on. I'm going back to Advance Auto to swap out the 825k6 (82.5", 6 rib) for the 835k6 which, incidentally, is $5 cheaper anyway.
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I have been meaning to register on here for ages and this thread finally made me pull the trigger. My A/C comp is on the way out and I just wanted to thank you for posting this as a alternative. I will at least be able to drive with no issues until I get a replacement! Thanks again
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Default Update

So the 83.5" belt magically became $2 MORE expensive by the time I got to Advance Auto Parts, but whatever - I got it home and it fit no problem. I can now use the Liberty until the new clutch arrives! Exactly what I need.

Of course, because it has no A/C, the wife's Liberty now becomes *my* car and she gets my 4Runner (with A/C) until I'm done with the fix...
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Default thanks for this post!

My old man drives an 08 Jeep Liberty and the ac clutch is shot. I bought an 83" belt and it fit PERFECTLY. I just followed your rerouting photo, and rented a tension bar thingamajig. Can't thank you enough, saved me $450 at the shop.
Thank you thank you thank you
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gijoe, I know this is now a super old thread but thank you so much for sharing your fix. I just did exactly this to my 2006 because my AC pulley was starting to sound like a train rolling down the rails. Aside from being no longer worried if I'll make it to work every day, it's far less embarrassing at stop lights. Thank you.
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Old 05-17-2018, 10:43 PM   #57 (permalink)

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Thanks Jham80, I'll be doing this to my '06 soon. Did you also use a 82.5 belt?
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