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5W20 oil?

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Default 5W20 oil?

The dealer performed the complimentary first oil change yesterday. Last night when I took a closer look at the invoice, it says they used 5W20 oil. The service department closed before I could ask them about it today.

Is it ok to drive with the 5W20, or am I risking damage to the engine? Their finance manager said it was ok to drive but thats not very reassuring.

Please let me know what you think.


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I don't know if it will really hurt it, but i'd take it back and demand they change it out of principle. The FSM says 5w30, the goddamed filler cap says 5 w30, and IMHO, that's what they should put in.

But i'm pretty anal about things like that. I wholehartedly belive that manuals and specifications exist for a reason.
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wow, watch the language.

If you didnt tell them to use 10w 30, why should they? the OM says to use 5w 30 when its cold. The engine will be fine, all that means is the oil is not as thick.
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5/30 is what the manual says, but 10/30 is okay too, especially for cold weahter. 5/20 should be fine too at this time of the year. Besides, this isn't synthetic right? You'll probably have it out in three months anyway right? I wouldn't spend the time worrying about it myself. \/
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Default Oil Info

Which Motor Oil Weight is Right for Your Car?

When choosing motor oil for your vehicle, the first step is always to consult your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended oil weight or weights. But what do the different weights stand for?

A typical bottle of motor oil may be labeled "SAE 10W-30." This is often referred to as the oil's "weight," but it actually refers to the oil's viscosity, which is the measure of the oil's resistance to flow. SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers, who created the standards.

So, why two numbers? Oils with two rating numbers like the one shown above are called "multi-grade" oils, and are designed to work for a wide range of temperature conditions. That's why manufacturers almost always recommend multi-grade oils for their vehicles. 5W-30 and 10W-30 are the most common weights for passenger vehicles, and 20W-50 is the most common weight for motorcycles. The number with the "W" refers to the oil's viscosity under cold or "winter" conditions. The other number refers to the oil's viscosity under warm conditions. The lower these numbers, the thinner the oil.

Lower weights can increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. In general, lower weights are also used in colder weather, and higher weights are used in hot climates. According to the American Petroleum Institute, here are the most common weights and the lowest expected outdoor temperature when they should be used:

Lowest Expected Temp:
32F 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50
0F 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40
Below 0F 5W-20, 5W-30

According to this excerpt from the General Motors, the viscosity (weight)used is dictated by the temperature extremes anticipated for the area the vehicle is being driven in.

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So, the moral of the story is...

Don't worry about it...

And just use 5W-30 all year like most of us have been doing?
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Thanks for the suggestions.

5W20 just seems to me to be a very low viscosity oil, and I am concerned about it shearing and losing film strength at high temperatures. If it were synthetic 5W20 I would not worry, but I seriously doubt its synthetic. I live along the South Carolina coast, and it's about 70F right now, so 5W30 should have been more than adequate as a cold weather oil.

I didnt ask for a specific oil, because I assumed that since they sold us the Liberty and they are a Jeep dealer, they would know to put in the factory-recommended type--5W30.

Ill post what they tell me tomorrow.
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The service advisor said the owner's manual had not been updated, but Jeep was recommending 5W20 oil because other weights were setting off the check engine light on multi-displacement engines.

DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance emailed me back saying, We respectfully concur with the decision rendered by the Dealer.

Since the invoice shows the selling dealer used 5W20 and Chrysler was made aware of the matter and gave me a response via email that they essentially didnt have a problem with it, Im not going to worry about it anymore.

Thanks to everyone who responded.
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