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Awesome instructional. Did mine today and it took about 2.5 hours.
Great idea on the oil change to get the filter out of the way and removing the serpentine belt. Drilling a couple of holes in the plastic under the headlight with a hole saw worked perfect. I went out and bought some stubby wrenches that came in handy (16mm and 18mm). It helps to have a couple bright, well placed lights to see what you're doing. I also had a helper keep an eye on the threads to make sure nothing was crossed. Thanks for the tip on ordering Mopar o-rings. I ordered 5 just in case, dropped and lost one in the driveway. I'm known for doing that. A PITA, but not too bad to do on your own. Something I hope I never have to do again. I'm surprised that hose lasted 159k miles.
2004 Liberty Limited - 156k mi
-PML Transmission Pan with Lubelocker Gasket
-Weathertech floor liners (worth every penny)
-Low profile cross bars (waiting for a roof basket and lights)
-K&N Filter

It's on its: 2nd set of rims, 3rd set of pads/rotors, 3rd water pump, 3rd serpentine belt, 2nd 4wd sensor, 2nd oil sensor, 2nd set of dash lights, 2nd set of lift gate/hood struts, 2nd set of shocks/struts, 2nd sway bar links/bar bushings...
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